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You can hear Hendrix. Thoughts on younger players on tour like we'll Gordon and of those in the new crop, which ones will have the best career of the next twenty years. Also you can hear what he thinks about how the tours hailing the covert situation whether the he thinks they should pause or not. An later news Hendricks Hendrix favorite Ryder Cup partner of all time all that and more on the Hendrix and almost an hour podcast without any further delay here is Chris Kirk. So it seems like you kept the game sharp during the layoff. What we're games like in in Athens and take us to what you've what you've got on. Your own property is far as Golf Practice Facility Yeah on my my place, we live in Athens Georgia on about forty acres, or so south of town I've got a putting green room and driving range outback where I can hit balls, and you know work on wedges and just do whatever I think A lot more baseball gets played on the driving range in golf, but that's how it goes a bunch of kids running around here. Do you use a backyard driving ranges? Much I don't have one of these. Of course. Most people at home don't have one of these and I in my head I. Think you know I would be there every single day if it was right there in front of me, but is it like that in reality? No I don't use it as as much as you would think. If I'm really going to go, try to get some quality practice center or play obviously I'm still going to go out to the golf course, but it's it is awesome. God you know. With kids after dinner and hit a few balls or If I'm working on something or mess around club. It's it's awesome to be able to just walk out your door and go hit ten three words down there whatever and yeah, it's. It's been fantastic to have and really a beautiful part of the property we're. Do you play golf when your home? And what are what are the Games like they're? Who Do you play with? Our other pros in the area that you teed up with often take us to what that looks like. I play mostly at Athens Country Club as the other place in town Jennings Mill Country Club. I'll play these amount and Uga course as well I haven't been able to play out there. They've been shut down for for a number of months now during the shutdown over the last few months, Stewart cink has organized a good many games. At, SUGARLOAF, And then Ben Kennedy. The owner of Georgia had some money games going on out there as well so out. Maybe play one of those a week. Something like that. Just. Try to stay somewhat sharp, somewhat sharp. I think is is a bit of an understatement. You just had a year I went I went on Korn Ferry tour in ten years. You haven't played in the Korn Ferry tour in ten years I. WanNa know you know we're going to get to kind of all the other things you've had going on in your life here in recent years. But what is it like for a? You know a seasoned veteran on the PGA tour to drop down a level to play Korn ferry events. What is how? How do you? You know what's really different about that? And how do you approach that you know compared to a PG tour event as far as approach? I wouldn't say I appreciate differently, but it definitely felt different, you know. Playing colonial the week before. Even, though there's no fans out there still TV, production crews, they still had ropes up. For some reason I'm not really sure why, but and it's still just kind of feels like a a PGA tour event a lot going on with Korn. Ferry tour event. There's obviously no spectators. There's no TV crews any of that kind of stuff, so it definitely felt different affects played a few. Few miniature events this year, so I wouldn't say I've felt quite like that, but definitely different, not a whole lot going on a one of the funnier things that happened during the week. You know we're coming down the stretch on Saturday last round, trying to to win the golf tournament and known. We're in pretty good shape, but there's no leaderboards out there at all so. I've always heard. People complain that the PJ to are apt update as fast as they would like for it to. And I got to experience a little bit of that firsthand hand in the eighteenth fairway with my phone out. Trying to get the thing to refresh that I would know if I needed to make par. Birdie to win. so we were just kind of laughing like at a Michael and Irish kind of laughing about that. Trying to you know is a shows you. How different things are right that we've? Got Our, phones out trying to look at scores, and and figure out what you need to make on the on the last hole of a tournament But competition. Obviously guys are shooting nothing out there and and everybody you play with flies at three hundred and. The future of the you know. You got a lot of a lot of guys out there that. Are you know mid early twenties and I was the the old man out there for sure well, it's funny you. You didn't really help my case that I've tried to make over the years, which is if you took a top PGA tour player if they played a season on? On the Korn Ferry tour and I think I S jt. This I can't remember if it was on the potter, not but okay. If you played a season down there like what would you? How many times would you expect to win and his aunt? He was quick to say like not not as much as you would think you'd just. You don't necessarily just drop down and. And be able to dominate there especially, just because of the way those golf courses play compared to the PGA tour. They're not as good as separating out. The field is as PJ. Courses are so in particular this course you shoot twenty six under par. What how are you able to separate out yourself out and you only one by one? But how are you able to be? Be The low man. What are the? What's the difference maker? I guess on a golf course like that where it's just a pure race track, and it's just a birdie-fest. How does that change anything in like in the competitive landscape of the event? I think the difference for me. This past week was really just avoiding mistakes. You Know Me. I Made Double Bogey on number ten. In the last round, but that was other than that I had no bogeys the whole rest of the week. so everybody's GonNa GonNa make some birdies and get a role, and but I was able to. To really maintain momentum almost the entire week. you know whatever I did, get in a situation where needed to get up now for par I did it. You know few times out, have a ten footer for par, and I kept making them. That was the the difference for sure. I think this past week that I was able to you know, keep up with everybody as far as making birdies, and then for the majority of the week was able to eliminate mistakes and not ever lose of that. That momentum. Well, you re kind of ruining a good story line that was go on which was that you were first alternate for RBC, and that you chose to go play the Korn ferry instead went and one, but can can you. Can you explain kind of how that wasn't necessarily the case?.

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