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Chimp original podcast hosted by Tracy Clayton going through features, fourteen notable black women, including Joseph. He writes Ilhan Omar. Lean Awaith Angela Davis and more discussing. Moment when they decided it was time to make a change and turn things around to check out going through it. You subscribe and listen now on Apple podcasts, spotify Stitcher, or wherever else you listen to podcasts. Let's wrap up with some headlines head lands. North Korea declared a state of emergency over the weekend after reporting a case of covid nineteen, according to government officials. A man started showing symptoms after he crossed the border from South Korea yesterday south. Korea confirmed that the man did in fact crossed the border, but they said that he did not have covid nineteen based on their very comprehensive contact tracing data. The man in question had defected from North Korea three years. Years ago in his currently under investigation in South Korea for an alleged rape health experts from South Korea. Japan, and the US doubt that this is the first and only case of covid nineteen and North Korea. Though it is the first one the country is admitting to Corona virus outbreak in North Korea could spell serious trouble for a country with a poor healthcare system that is struggling under the weight of economic sanctions. Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie. Irving said he's committing one point. Five million dollars to cover the salaries of wnba players who choose to sit out the season, the supplemented salaries would allow the players to opt out of games for Covid, nineteen or social justice reasons without having to worry about their finances. The funding is going to come from Irving's K.. A. I. Empowerment Initiative which he launched yesterday right now. The highest salary in the WNBA is just above two hundred thousand compared to the tens of millions. Millions of the biggest NBA players make in a single year. Irving said he got help from Tasha cloud of the Washington mystics in jewel, Lloyd of the Seattle Storm, coming up with the idea cloud in two other WNBA, players have already announced that they will be using their time this season to fight for social and racial justice. Also just this past weekend. Players on the New York liberty and Seattle storm walked off the court and headed back to their locker rooms before the national anthem played. Earlier this year, a lot of wealthy new. Yorkers fled to the Hamptons to escape cove in nineteen. At least that's what it seemed like. They were doing but new footage from a chain smokers concert that was held there this weekend makes it look like they actually wanted to see the virus up close. The minimum eight hundred and fifty dollars show was called a drive in event, but clips circulating on social media show chain smoker fans packed pretty tightly together. Together at the wrist doesn't seem worth the reward. Keep in mind that the show also featured DJ diesel as the opening act also known.

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