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In tonight, incredibly everyone survived after this Boeing seven thirty-seven crashed into the water near Chuck island. In Micronesia local media reports there were thirty six passengers and eleven crew onboard that very plain all of them rescued by boats, the airline Air New says the plane was coming into land. But we're short of the runway and then hit the water late tonight. We learn police captured both of the teenagers in this video who stole from a store clerk after he collapsed from a heart attack and Auburn that Clark is home after nearly two weeks in the hospital. Tosses live at opera and she spoke to him about the arrests Tammy. Mary tonight, Zarifa's back home, saying his faith and his family are helping him get stronger, but he is relieved those teenagers who stole from them while he was working inside this gas station have been caught because he thinks they would have done it again. They just left Windsor reef Kaleida and his ten year old son Mazen relive what's a reef went through in this surveillance video. These still can't understand why the teenagers or so heartless sad. How did that happen? They would have called nine one one one way you can seize a wreath having a heart attack while confronting the two teams about paying for snacks at the gas station where he works after the reef collapsed. Police say instead of helping him and calling nine one one the two teams stole money and left him magazine is translating for his dad seventy. Who was on the day looked at ten don't over the counter took everything and left tonight. Police say they finally caught a thirteen year old boy in Tacoma second seventeen year old boy turned himself in he deserve it. Because he might do it scenario person after the father of three spent thirteen days in the hospital. He knows there's a chance he might not have survived. Hopes to be back to work in about a month or so Morgan. All right. Good to hear Tammy. Thank you know as for those teenagers. Investigators say they knew who they were. But they've been on the run. The teams have been booked inside the King County juvenile detention center, one team faces three felonies, including on possession of a firearm and burglary. Tomorrow, the husband and wife accused in the murder of written man is expected in court detective say thirty nine year old Jeremy Shaw pepper sprayed the man whenever he answered the door last week and hit him over the head until he died. Police say Sean his wife Lorena then stole the man's belongings, including a car, which they ditched and burned. The man was found wrapped in a comforter with his hands and feet tied today judge found probable cause to hold a couple on multiple charges. And that was one of the cases affected by a water main break, they close the King County courthouse today the court says business will resume as normal tomorrow. And there was no damage to the courthouse itself. On live nineteen there's a new battle over funding for Safeco field. A group called citizens against sports stadium. Subsidies is calling for voters to have the final say on how millions of tax dollars should be spent they filed a referendum and now they have to collect enough signatures to get it on the ballot. It comes just over a week. After the King County council approved spending one hundred thirty five million dollars from the hotel motel tax on improvements and maintenance at Safeco the rest of the money will go towards affordable housing homeless youth services and tourism, it has been a contentious issue and the vote was close five to four state health. Officials say the flu is.

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