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Connection. The conspiracy theory caught the media's attention in nineteen ninety four Margie Lambert was a reporter at the time for the south Florida sun sentinel. We were hearing from people who knew him or people who spent time at the Nickelodeon, his far that he knew OJ Simpson. And maybe there was an J Simpson connection, and maybe it was a big conspiracy and he was part of it. So we checked out the OJ Simpson connection and and also that helped us do some background on what he had done before he'd been in Florida. And he had been the manager of are also cases Nickelodeon in Buffalo, New York after time that OJ was playing for the bills. And it was a bar where Simpson hung out and they had some Utah friends. And I think. Charts get one point, got up in a police sting that was intended that was targeting OJ Simpson. So we included all that, but we were, we were kinda getting. A lot of rumors from from people who knew him. You know, you'd better look into this conspiracy. This might not have anything to do with him that might have to do with J Simpson in the end. Of course it did, but that was after the white Bronco chase. And so J Simpson was what everybody was talking about. So it was it was easy to wanna pursue that and see if it lead anywhere stink. She's talking about fuel to the speculation. It was aimed at O J Simpson back in the days of the Buffalo, New York Kishi Nickelodeon, But Bush got wrapped up in it police time suspected. Somebody had been supplying cocaine to members of the bills football team. When police read it, the place which was staying with a friend, they found two guns and small amounts of cocaine and marijuana, which told the cops, all of it was his to try. Skiing was an interesting character. He was a real party guy. He had he had some minor arrests for some for drugs and other violations both here and in buffalo and it. And I remember that the guy who bought the bar from him in buffalo, he talked about him has being kind of impresario. He was the one who knew everything and kind of got everything going at the bar, and he was just the party king flamboyant you know, had an eye for the ladies kinda lived on the edge despite the public entry police investigating the Casey's murder quickly ruled out a connection to OJ Simpson or to Bush his life in buffalo. But there may be more home for a break closer to home. They were keeping from the public. At least one witness to men, the which case he's home on the morning. He was murdered and they drove off in his luxury Mercedes. Planning. A wedding should be less stressful and more enjoyable. Hi, this is Lise. 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Has a free suite of wedding planning tools, including cre- wedding websites to give your celebration a customized and sophisticated look to sign up with Zola and receive a fifty dollar credit towards your registry. Go to Zola dot com. Slash Florida. That's Z O L A dot com. Slash Florida join more than five hundred thousand couples who have used go to Z O L A dot com. Slash Florida. In Miramar. Florida police are still studying tapes from surveillance cameras that captured the killings and push case. He's home. The recording shows the intruders escaping out of the house after executing Butch, Sharon, and Marie. Gary foil lives on each short drive. A few houses up from Butch Casey. It's the morning of June twenty four and four is heading out to a bowling tournament. It's sometime after seven o'clock. As he rolls toward the Casey house, which is black. Mercedes Benz convertible is backing out of the driveway. The top two Mercedes is down and foresees. Two young men in the front seats. The driver pauses to let Foy pass, then pulls in behind him on the road. It's he thinks that which would let two young is Dr. his expensive car later, he described the men to police. Longhairs drivers, but I mean, didn't move that long. I really couldn't see because the back rest, you know, could you know back with behind his head? I knew he had black hair and that he was white male passenger. He had short hair. Scruffy face and he had, you know, real short hair in the back for like a semi crewcut or whatnot. And it like hair news, the white male, I couldn't really. I didn't really, you know. Try to consciously really look at them just that's what I saw when I went by Gary Foy has no idea that the men driving behind him had likely just killed three people in his neighborhood. But as he watches them, he is struck by their odd behavior there goofing around and acting childish notice anything for what they may have been doing or really funny because all they were playing with the windows up and down and the mirrors and the there was like a T top on the car. You know, it was a convertible, but it had a metal who, you know it was artistically done, not just metal, but a metal partition like in the middle, like a support for the roof, and they were trying it at different angles and trying to get it down. I turn on and off the light, you know, and I could hear them turning up the volume you're allowed and switching stations and turning it down. You know, I thought it was really strange. Know they were playing with a car in this man. Had

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