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So I don't have to look at your face right now. I'll just go there. Next year. No, thanks. So Brad, great question. Great advice for Carolina Jeff. I personally don't have really any experience with plate simulators or computer home computer based flight simulators. But I certainly have a lot of friends who do use flight simulators, some who are pilots and some who are not pilots. And I know I can think of at least one person I know of who flies professionally, but because of seniority doesn't maybe flight every single day who enjoys using the flight simulators just to look at various different approaches and different parts of the world in the world, things that he might not fly in as his day job. So that can be an interesting option for people who are looking to just get some realistic practice. I'm not sure in terms of for the primary student. I think it would certainly help a lot for those who are instrument students because I think you can really load approaches and potentially and do that type of thing with flight simulators. I think for primary students, it's more about getting the hands on experience in the airplane, but maybe I'm wrong on that. So I'd actually be curious to know what folks in our community think. If there's folks out there who are using home computer based flight simulators while they were doing primary private pilot training, that was a tongue twister for me. Was it useful for you? And if so, why was it? If not, why not? I think I haul boxes making the point that there's red bird sim centers as well, which are a little bit more realistic in terms of simulation. It's not a home based program. So that's easy to do in the privacy of your own home while you're just sitting and going over your flight lesson plans or some pre lesson preparation. But if you can't go out flying, see if the weather's not great. It might be a good option if you have that available to you at your flight school. I've been to flight schools where they have them. And I've done a couple of approaches in one of them. And yeah, it's pretty realistic. Even if it's not the full airline category D flight simulator. Definitely helpful. Yeah. Going through procedures and that kind of thing. Yeah, procedures flows. I think flight simulator can be very good for those types of things. Oh, I have to wear pants if I go there? Yeah, you got it. That's the downside of this. See, if you're doing if you're doing your home computer based place emulator pants optional. Just be like step and I right now doing the show. No pants. All right. So thank you, Steph, for adding your two cents to the discussion regarding flight simulation and getting Carolina Jeff all prepped up for his upcoming lessons and this is exciting. I can't wait to hear how this all goes for him. Yeah. And Brad. Carolina Jeff and Steph oh yeah. You know what? We'll have a Charlotte meet up and then we can get some live feedback from Carolina Jeff. Hey Jeff, who do we talk to about getting your schedule situated the correct way so that you have Charlotte to find somebody that knows what they're doing when it comes to you know I might actually have Charlotte layover or two next month. I'm not sure. I'll have to look. Just in time for some nice spring weather, we can sit outside and enjoy a beer somewhere and discuss all things aviation. Absolutely. And pants. Okay. Well, we're pants. Oh yeah. I will, anyway. Some sort. Let's see. Number ten, this is from anonymous. And they say, hey, crew. They want their name left out due to the kind of sensitive nature of the question. I have a problem. I don't like wearing pants. No wait, no, that's something else. That's the problem I have. After many years of being a land bound aviation enthusiast, I've decided to learn to fly. While doing research into the requirements for a first class medical, I learned that the FAA doesn't take too kindly to even common mental health issues, such as anxiety. While my medical history doesn't automatically disqualify me, I realize that the path to getting my medical is going to be long and expensive. The Internet is full of horror stories of aviation dreams being crushed by merciless AME's. I realized the Internet is not a reliable place when it comes to things of this nature, but it does beg the question. How do you go about finding a good and fair, what was the AME that aviation medical aviation medical examiner? Thank you. In the first place, Amy, I appreciate your insight and thank you for all the hard work y'all put into the show. And this is again from anonymous. And I don't know if he wants us to use his opposing. Skip it, I'm not sure he was clear on that. Yeah. And he's not alone in his question. Wait, hang on. I have to say that his issues are much more significant and concerning to me now that I realize he listens to opposing bases. That is a medical condition in and of itself. I wouldn't mention that to the AMA. I suffer from it too, and I definitely don't disclose it on my. I've never heard of the show. I don't know what you're talking about. I've never met those guys. I've never met those guys. Never shared beers with them. Discussed all things aviation. And what I was thinking is that anonymous, you are not alone in having these types of questions. And these are, this is a tricky situation to navigate, right? Because like anything in life, I think not all AME's are necessarily created equal. There are some out there who will seek out additional training and expertise for certain types of medical conditions that people suffer from and they might become an expert in one area over another. And I'm certainly aware that there are AMAs out there who are more. Subspecialty is seeing pilots who do have mental health issues, anxiety included, but certainly all different types of things. Folks who have a history of taking certain medications that may be the FAA doesn't look favorably upon. And helping those pilots navigate the system and figure out what they need to do. As efficiently as possible and hopefully as cost effectively as possible to get the medical certification that they're looking for. How you go about finding those AME's, that's tricky because they're not listed that way. On the FAA website..

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