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Mountain there's there's just a natural on this about it that i i really appreciate the other interesting thing in the stood i sure just pure clinton is from the benue off children's hostel the second lobby there's a portico this series of hall adams outsi and from this bobby that uh the beni out there they'll salesforce our guest perfectly framed within the of the structure of of the children's hospital down there that's an interesting questions but i i also you mentioned the fascinating of the outside and more griping about the the sleep as the glass tower but i am certain whites you can really pick up that of the the the fronting of the the fence race on the outside just really things do work well i'm i'm a fan of the bill in terms of the proportion and the shaping that was very much an idea of san francisco's planning department essentially wanted to create an and this is the planners talking almost like a sculpted skyline that would resemble a natural hill so you've got that you've got the peak which is what's now salesforce tower there's a building going up on first street between mission market that will be nine hundred feet tall also taller than the pyramid you've got one or two more really tall buildings going into the ideas you've got salesforce towers the peak and then it goes down toward one rincon by the baybridge which used to be really tall a whole decade ago and then toward the financial district so that was very consciously done absolutely we think the caller we've been talking about this salesforce building from the outside but each floors and her standard has his metal sent uh the contraptions where you can give more light in yeah i mean it's.

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