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I stop and george go ahead. Yeah i spent my life saving people in mercy departments. Let me tell you something. We don't do that. We don't do that for the money. we do that. Because mission frantically every erin ally starring. I'm sorry i disagree. I've got defend the hospital community there. You're absolutely wrong And it just wrong on there and yet we learned a lot about managing the airway. And i'm glad we learned a lot about managing their way. We don't innovate as many people as we. We did before but we did that. Because that's the way we practice before. And that was one of the scientific learnings we practice okay and we have to leave their thanks to a few four being less. That was robust discussion. Thank you very much. We need to leave it there though. I'm honored in washington. Dc thanks for watching another edition of the heat images may appear to be identical. Looks can be deceiving. The difference is not always obvious. It has to be discovered always different sites to a story. We put the focus on the details to see more to understand better. Cgtl see the difference..

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