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And then Rachel Trach is like, no, not the read and seen like Rachel drives everybody. Rachel Trach. She had like Laura Nieves. She's like, isn't she like Broadway royalty, lower Benatti. I don't know. Sorry aspect. These are like they miss. These are famous Broadway people mean I don't know who Andrew Keenan Bolger is, but he seems famous. He's gotta hyphen it. I think he's like someone who takes over every role that Matthew project place that type Bridget Everett who I knows a constant guest on watch what happens. Live and then Britain Everett song is like this up titties and downtown citizen crackerjack turtle Tonto. This. It is, and she grabs Sony and puts her her boobs. And then he goes, well. I was pleasantly surprised to be in her act and be motorboat it. I'll be honest with you. Do have to hold your breath. Sex tips from a straight woman from from gay man to straight woman who's about to be motivated by Bridget Bridget ever. every Sunday, Sundays dead afterwards, suffocated to death. So the best, the CUDA ways to Lou and sister Renee kept on raising the roof. She's like, I'm from Arlon Berlin, Connecticut, raising the roof. And so let's see. Oh, so the trapper keeper part, my favorite part of the show when she pulls that this big jeweled trapper keeper, she's like his diary. So I could see what I was thinking when I made some questionable decisions regency call. Lemme..

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