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Short series and really great to see the two female leads spar as detective killer in psychological warriors highly recommended you're gonna talk about that more with y'all way so i wanted to sort of lay the groundwork for you on that this from anthony mc christian let's see arch and mark i really enjoyed the show to miss stand over the past few episodes and look forward to rice earn of enjoyed the guests in the jason maybe a defacto regular he's been with us a lot i had jen before but immediately started following on twitter to keep up with tv i'm sure i'm not the only person to send this correction end but you actually you are the beginning of the show but julie bowen was in happy gilmore not billy madison we got that wrong last week oh billy madison had brigitte sampras as the right anyway keep up the great job proud to be a little extra so about schools about movies where adults go back to school for yes yes and this finally from lee goodwin right here from potomac maryland arch anand i'm left out of this one i thought of anna because he was saying something with class so i thought if you when we saw the fantastic royal shakespeare theater performance of hamlet last week at kennedy center is largely black casts and we set in africa and was one of the best hamlets i've ever seen and i've seen what a few in the opening scene when hamlet and i'm gonna get this name i'm gonna miss burnet pa papa is say do definitely someone who would keep your eye on greets horatio and the ramparts of elsinore castle they crossed their on their chest like they do in black path the audience loved it didn't keep it up for the rest of the play would've been way too distracting but just nother another example of the broad cultural reach of black panther and can't wait for you return wishing you the best oh that's fine that of course answers the question to see or not to see.

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