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Everybody welcome to who cares about the Rock Hall. Podcast about the rock and Roll Hall of fame. I'm your host joke was Allah. I know too much about the rock and Roll Hall of fame and with me for first time remotely via zoom video chat is my co host and person. I wish I could interact with face to face. We give her circumstance we cannot. It's kristen stuttered. Hello I am laughing. My face offices so bizarre wherein a little zoom room right now so I can look at Joe with his will have phones on but I could not. I cannot be there. No we're not on the same corentin. It's bizarre and yet the pod rolls on it. Rocks into the pod must rock and roll on. I guess because it feels like we can't do it so we should yeah. Listen WE'RE PROVIDING A survey. I don't know if I'd say service I'd say at the very least a distraction that is true in these trying times. Let's think about something that truly does not matter. Yeah hopefully we can take your mind off things for at least a little bit. This is our first official quarantine episode. Obviously and I think even you know this. The induction ceremony was delayed. Did they give a date for? I voted in the Wednesday about it. I said I think it's going to happen. Maybe I said twenty twenty one or maybe I said winter. This was also when nobody knew anything. We didn't realize just how long things were going to be postponed. You really think it's not going to be until twenty twenty one but winter absolutely we have at eight. They've set a date and perhaps domestic but it they've set a date of November November seventh. So we will have. Is that election day. It's a Saturday? It's a Saturday after election. Tuesday oh Jesus Christ I mean what is the world getting to be like on November seventh of this year honestly if someone could put me to sleep until then I would. I would let them like if you promise to keep me alive. And like maybe a little bit. Yeah no problem. Yeah nothing to live for until the induction ceremony. Anyway will you've you were you? Were getting so excited because it was coming up. You would text me. You would say Joe. I can't believe it we're going to go to Cleveland and it would be seven and Cleveland in all caps definitely absolutely. Yes so November. Seventh is the date that they have. They've set okay. We'll see I don't know if that's optimistic or not or if that's realistic. But they set a date and so that's what we're operating on and it is so funny. I did not inc. That's going to happen. I mean we'll see November sons. All Right Okay. November seven I could. That is good. That is optimistic. And it's good to optimistic in these times. It's also funny that we consider this period between the inductive announcement and the induction ceremony to be more or less a lost period For the PODCAST. 'cause we don't like what are we going to do to fill all this time? Yeah and and we were thinking. Oh it's not even give me till. May this year a couple of weeks without it'd be two months and we were like? What are we going to three months? Yeah right so it's like. How do we fill this time? And now they are adding an additional six months. So then the question becomes. How do we fill this time? I mean honestly we are the ones who suffer. The most during this is us. I can't believe this is happening to us Yeah no it is. It is definitely we are bearing the brunt of the the covert pandemic than anybody else. Did they did this to us? How could they do this to us? So we're putting position with the PODCAST. Where now we really have to get creative? I truly as we'll come to no surprise to our listeners. Have no idea what we're supposed to be doing senate right. Yeah what I've planned and we keep it that way to keep it fresh you know. So that the podcast. They still wanted to be spicy. You know I've I've kept you in the dark spicy ozos. Here's what I have planned and some of our listeners will already be familiar a little bit with this because I posted about it now. You don't really follow our posts which will serve you this episode. So what I've done is I have come up with a quarantine playlist so i. I saw that you did that but I did. Not Go to it at all great. That's perfect so yes. So what I did was for the twenty twenty inductees. I picked one song apiece for each artist that reflects the situation that we're going through right now and this episode. I'd like to do is I would like to have almost function a little bit. Like you're listening to the radio instead of playing. Song clips. I am going to drop the full song okay into the episodes and our listeners. Don't know this when I dropped the song clips in is they may be could guess this. I'm doing in post. You're not hearing anything when we're recording now but what. I would like to listen to it. But we are not. I'm not hearing what he plays in the actual. I would like you Christian to listen to the full song so what I'm GonNa do is right now. Yeah so I'm really busy Joe. I've got a lot going on. I would. I'm sure so what I'll do is I'll kind of all set these songs up. Then you guys listeners will hear it. You won't hear US listening to it but I know that we will be listening to it and then we'll just kind of talk about it. A lot of these are deep cuts which some are some aren't but I think that will be fodder for a little bit of discussion so cool so this is also the moment where I legitimately tried to remember. Who's being inducted? Yeah Right Okay. So pash mode is wanted and the DOOBIE brothers. Oh wait no I think I can. You can recall. Striking brothers. Do Rose Depeche mode T REX biggie. Whitney and nine inch nails to say and not todd. Rundgren so that would have been very appropriate would have been very on brand for you all right so you ready okay. Cool so what will start off with is an I try to order these to make some sort of a progression right so with what's going on with the way we've had to alter the way that we live our lives and with you know things shutting down whether their restaurants or bars or any public gathering. I think this I saw kind of sets the tone which is a song from the tourist. Bg and it's called things done changed.

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