Deck Park Tunnel, President Trump, Smokey discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Not standing up for the re Republican Party. Granderson believes President Trump won the election. But the vote was stolen Coronavirus in Arizona surge of patients stressing Banner Hospital's chief clinical officer, Dr Marjorie Vessel says that times they've had to put two patients in one room. Elective surgeries have been halted. Nurses are taking on larger patient loads. We have continued to stretch to create if you will sort of artificial capacity in our hospitals to care for those who need us, she says, making mask wearing a state mandate as well as restricting indoor dining. Could help ease the strain on hospitals. Thank you, Jamie. Let's get back over to detour, Dan now. In the Valley Chevy dealers traffic center. We got another updates on the West Side. Where minutes. They're starting to add up on those freeways. Yeah, and pack him a little concerned. There might be something that is near the deck Park tunnel that maybe just is not my camera. There is some really heavy slowing developing on the 10 eastbound from approaching 59th Avenue to inside the deck Park tunnel, and it looks like everything just vanishes beyond that point, So I'm gonna keep keeping a close eye but be prepared entering into the trouble, General. There could be some trouble in there right now is running. 18 minutes and growing from the one on one into the 51 shot down 17. That's a 16 minute ride Peoria down to the 10 split, and it looks like the eastbound one of one is now flowing from the 17 to 16 Street. This traffic report brought to you by Smokey's garage door with over 800 reviews in a 4.8 star rating on Google family owned and operated Smokey's Garage Doors, Most trusted name and fast garage door repair Doing business in Arizona for 40 years. Visit Smokey's garage door dot com today deter NAND Kate yarn is part Cloudy today with a high of 71 The low Tonight 44. Partly cloudy tomorrow with a high of 71 weather is brought to you. By Howard Air Time Now for Sports Luke Lipinski joining us from the Parker and Sun Sports desk. PHOENIX SUNS air after their best start since 2009 following last night's 1 23 1 15 win over the Toronto Raptors, Devin Booker leading the way with 24 points. Sons.

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