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So all trust Steve Kerr because he keeps talking about how I can see how they're going to play together. I can see where their spots are going to come. I can see how it's going to flow. He's he reminds us of Harrison Barnes and they WANNA championship with that type of player. There you know so I'm really. I'm going to give him space to see. I'm skeptical but I recognize that they are bringing back to hall of famers. They are bringing back to the shoes of all time and they still have draymond green who was played. Well this year in you know when he's gone fallout so I think there's no reason why they shouldn't be a contender next year. I have to see where the chips land is see. We're basically at the same place. Kevin Durant. Yes we're one of the elite teams ever nearly a century of basketball. They were one of the most hardcore to be reconciled with seems has ever seen in the NBA. Are they going to get back? Up to that. Level with Andrew Wiggins no broker. They will not. Will they be elite among the NBA teams competing in the League next year? Teams like the bucks who have yet to win a title as constructed teams like the Lakers. Who have yet to win. A title is constructed. The clippers were title is constructed. The rockets have yet to win. A title is constructed. I would say that. Maybe the team that has steph. Clay Draymond Steve. Kerr coaching it. Decent management. Let's just say Bob Myers knows what he's doing. I say they could at least possible. Pick not that. I think that guy's GonNa come in and that's important that's not. I mean they could also possibly trade that if they wanted and they have the trade exception they could also use by the way for people who didn't pick.

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