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Nine seventy nine seventy nine online. So. Data's detroit. Brooklyn center. It says this. Maqsoud zones. Jamie Morris on the other side of the glass. Someone just text me about snack food what what's your favorite stadium slash arena. Snack food, Matt. What is what is yours? I'm asking you before I give mine away. That's tough one. Has that tough? You like the popcorn you like the soft. Pretzels, you like the doodoo B's you like Eminem. I would probably say soft pretzel saw Pratt's, but again, depending on which every every ballpark every place hot dog United city city field out in New York. We had sushi. Okay. Sushi. He had sushi at the ball, they serve it to the general public. Or was it just in the Swedish. No, no. That's that's for everybody also everybody, and it was good, Jamie. Because again when you work at the ballpark so way sushi company or is this a sushi restaurant was a restaurant in city field. That was a sushi restaurant. Wow. You could go as part there was like a little food court area where? Yeah, you go get sushi. And that's when you work for the team, you know, part of it. We would get meal cards that we could get. Okay. So I would go to shake shack out in centerfield because I loved it. But you can only eat that so much before you feel like you're going to die. Right. So sushi was the healthiest option. So I would eat sushi all the time at the ballpark. And it was very if you if you got access to sushi I do. Yeah. You know, me tell you what that now you made it tough for me. I could do that. Now. Sushi, my my favorite, and I liked it soft pretzel. But that's not my that's my daughter's the my significant other. So they like they like that my. Private if I had a chance to sit and think, you know, could be those. Peanut Eminem's and popcorn poem together. We're not talking about combining. Yeah. That's that's that salty popcorn. Okay. Seven three three. I do like the salty popcorn seven three four hundred eight ten fifty. Let's go to Eric in South Carolina. What up e? Hey, Jim, oh, not the main just hanging out. Hey, interesting. I had that conversation. Eighteen acting plays football and basketball. Way better football player, dibiase basketball. Mhm Steph curry more like it Ray. Football. A he's a date. If.

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