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Game at tcu in fort worth losing by thirty 124 the same score they lost their opener to virginia tech the beginning of the season expert max brown is out that won't help them against north carolina state finley in the pack coming into pit and they're favoured by lebanon half twelve points told a fifty six and a half michigan at indiana horrible under the gun right now and it is michigan minus seven there are six and a half out there fi like michigan a speed is out four michigan we'll see if indiana can continue harbaugh's woes or if the amazing blue can get it back together get to some of those other lines in all role mall down before we get out of here tonight but a couple of the other ones that are that are key is for his be games uh we've got utahns southern cal money coming in on utah right now down to twelve and a half light started at thirteen appleby at that game on saturday looking forward to that uh ucla in arizona and this a key game because you arizona of course which in quarterbacks last week and khalil tate setting an alltime record for quarterbacks rushing the ball three hundred twenty seven yards for touchdowns on the ground he threw the ball levin at a twelve for a touchdown as well and iras own rolled last week now can they do it again they're back home and to sign ucla comes off a by with rosen and the money has flipflopped now was arizona minus one notes ucla minus wanting to saw it'll be a six o'clock start you're on the west coast will keep an eye on that and of course the red river rivalry this lying down from eight and a half now down to seven and a half oklahoma the favorite there can he bounced back off the loss at home enormity the iowa state and texas coming off the overtime win at home against kansas city gave a should have wanted regulation out gaining casey by one hundred fifty yards but had trouble taking care of the football at times ohio state a twenty four point favorite at nebraska by far the largest underdog role in lincoln foreigner brassica and not only against the big ten team but against any body in lincoln they have never been more than a fourteen point favorite a.

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