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Notice that his wife into our s plans often sort of concerned about taking her pels and he was also concerned about whether or not she was taking her pels the wagner's have since passed away but this is caroline iserte a women's health expert whose research the wagner's and their role in the history of birth control packaging though he thought who now by her name do something about this david wagner was an engineer for a tool company in illinois and he was used to solving mechanical problems he figured he could create a in system that would make the pill taking process easier for his wife first he tried something really simple he took a piece of paper and he wrote out the days of the week and put the pels on the piece of paper along with the days of the week to sort of make it into a bit of a calendar and that worked pretty well at least for a few weeks then i guess the story goes something f fell on the dress erin the pels got scattered and fell on the floor and that was that that made him think maybe i can make a package that say you could throwing your purse throwing your bag take with you and it will keep everything in order so wedding came up with is today very familiar to anyone who's probably use the birth control pill dan went is a curator of the extensive birth control archive at the smithsonian museum of american history and we actually have some of the prototypes over here weidner's original prototype was made out of two discs of clearplastic and has snapped fastner that he borrowed from a child's toy the bottom disc held twenty pills the top disc at one hole drilled through it which could be rotated each day to expose the correct pill along with the corresponding day of the week having this system that made pill taking more intuitive helped dorsan david fill out mark comfortable this is david wagner writing in at say january sixteen 1995 this is a letter wagner sent the smithsonian museum for their birth control archive.

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