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The credit card companies do not spend twice the gross domestic. Product of France Francis gross domestic product is. Not two. Point eight billion, it's two. Point, eight trillion oh. There's always that so sorry about that France but point still made, that of course credit cards are most aggressively marketed. Product ministers world I'm still write, about all. That of, course but, Scott thank you man completely. Screwed that, up look. Foolish, feel, foolish oh well move onto. The next thing I've done almost thirty years. Of talk radio the amount of dumb stuff I've done here on the air is in numerous my, staff collects it but that one. Was pretty bad sorry, about that guys but the the. Rant still stands but boy was I off on that. Part of it so just, just the ditch the France part of the rant and the rest of it. Is, dead. On thanks Scott appreciate your call me out Other in the. Lobby of Ramsey solutions our room better news is Tyler Umbria hey guys how are you good yourself, welcome welcome where do you guys. Live from Iowa central, Iowa cool what part Marshall town. Yeah good and that's the Moines area right about an. Hour okay cool well welcome, to Nashville on your hair all the way to do it that free scream. Yeah, how. Much of your paid off It's technically we paid off our house. Which. Was fifty two thousand dollars Yep Two aren't old enough to, have a paid. For How old are you guys I'm twenty one Oh my gosh? I'm twenty four So how you're freaking. House not twenty. Five years old Fifty? Two thousand bucks wow that's amazing what's the house worth we'd say, now we've done some. Renovations probably between fifty and seventy but. In central. Iowa that's probably not the same as Nashville so yeah There's a lot of? Places square feet is this house about twelve hundred square foot okay, very nice very nice. Good starter home for a young couple. And, boom Paid it off and we also paid? For, college along the way as well, we cash flow. That was that was roughly twenty thousand dollars over what period. Of time did you do these two, things well we got married three years ago and we were I. Was kinda already on the plan started the emergency fund I had. Just finished college right cash lead my way through college and. Then, refill had. Two more years so it's. Been about three years, from the time you've got married you've been beaten on the house and. I'm. Getting briefings school Yep very good and your? Range of income during that three years we started probably sixty five and ended probably. Run, one in. Five now. Wow what are you guys do for a living While for when I. First, started I. Was working a minimum wage. Job just like a, receptionist now I have my own small business and I've been doing really. Well. I'm a photographer I I'm an insurance underwriter Yeah good why did it. Go you guys so how do you get the smart at twenty one. And twenty years. We, listened to you Dave Why don't you? Take all the credit not really I'm so impressed we had to be? Like parents influence or, something Well So I started. School I got some student. Debt I was like five thousand this dude on the. Radio I'm, like what does this do talking? About and so finally eventually came around to, me got smarter paid that, off and we kinda just, said we're going to do. This we both grew. Up I grew up in a, trailer so you, know you see what the the, good the bad and you learn a. Lot and that's not how my life's gonna go. Ryan so when we got, married we're, like let's just do this three. Years we'll be done might not be the best house in the, world but we're free. Now Dadgum paid for. House I'll, tell you that's right and like you man I'll tell you and it's going to go up in value and you've. Already done some renovations to. It very cool, so breed this guy is listening this crazy. Man on the radio. And you look up decided. He's going to start talking to you about getting married. And all, this and you're like what did? You say well I was eighteen when I, got married to him right, out of high school so, we knew we wanted to. Get married and we've. Been saving when we were in, high school because, we've been dating for about five, years before we your childhood sweetheart so. Yeah I knew that we wanted to get married. And I wanted to get, on board, and be able to do that. So that's what we did I gotta admit I probably curse your, name a few times I'm going. With that but yeah we did it wow you're so impressive very cool so what's your degree in marketing and HR wow good for you thank you guys cash flow through. Getting, married, straight out of high school and then you work your butt off and you pay for college and you pay off. Your house we ate a. Lot of pork, chops I can't eat any more pork chops Everyone should have a food that's their broke people food that they never want to eat again monster. That's all we ate there so the. Disgusting now I just smell is awful Tuna fish tuna, fish sandwiches and I. Would go to work broke and they'd be. In the refrigerator and they get soggy during the day you know like soggy tuna fish sandwiches, gross. Gross gross I smell tuna. Fish my net worth goes down now hate it Yeah pork chops will always be that way for you that's okay, yeah you gotta broke people food that's good I like it you're. Not broke people, anymore you're on your way to be a multi, multimillionaire. Oh. My goodness, between the two, of you I mean twenty four and twenty one household income of one, hundred and five not a payment in. The world, and have, learned to work together and I. Mean fell in love. In the eighth grade my gosh, right yeah Wow my dad wasn't a fan of, that. One Was he a? Fan. By. The. Time you got out of school yes okay Is he a? Fan. Now Five and going yeah my. Son in law's. A stud. This is. Awesome very good very cool so did you, have people, cheering you on you know we've been pretty quiet about this and some people that are listening to this might not know that. We, were even on it we we don't share a, ton about kind of finances but we've been on the. Plan, people close to us no. He'd been on the plan and I mean. I guess, we've got a lot. Of. Motivation. From. This show. We've gone. To some, live events. Books whatever Wow Did you go to we went out to Denver a couple? Of years ago for the smart conference yeah oh wow the whole, smart? Yeah, that was a good, one yeah that's, cool that was fun. You come out of there, like on, the rocky. Steroids yeah that's more conferences are amazing at your age going in I mean your marriage and everything wow wow wow you're. Awesome, your future so bright it's unbelievable so what do, you tell people the key to getting out, of debt is I would say it. Was also cool. Because, we've got this golden right we've. We've done this. Plan but. More importantly. It's given us something when we first in, marriage you, know we're young we don't know a lot about marriage and it gave us something to work towards together and we were always. On, board obviously we had disagreements about how to do, certain things but he got us on the same page. Helped, us work together as a team We do what we consider two pretty, big goal so absolutely mode you say I don't know I just think. Working together is. Really important Just communication, was what we founded our relationship on early on and that's I think what really helped us get out of debt is talking to each, other and communicating when we both weren't on board with something, or if we decided that we needed to. Upper spending, money which is something that argue for a. Lot but yeah he was. At first two. Is a little I was a little extreme Tyler Wow but then you, know we just kept communicating and making sure we are on the same page so we can work towards the goals. Together, wow you guys have so much future ahead of. You this is amazing and you got such a, runway. Man this is great Well done very well I'm, so. Proud of you Thanks very well done we've got a. Copy of Chris Hogan's retire inspired book for you that, is the next chapter in your story for. Sure millionaire and outrageously generous as you go. Along you guys let us know how you're doing I want to hear the. Rest of, the story as it unfolds. You started so young I it's just gonna be it's gonna be ten. Years from. Now where you're going to be unbelievable all right. It's Tyler and Bree twenty one and twenty four their house and. Everything is paid for. Household income of one zero five count. It, down let's say. You're a debt free scream One two three This is the Dave, Ramsey, show.

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