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Well as play red rain and hit the bricks all right now when you go see peter gabriel are you shouting that from song i'm a big gabriel head but are you you want want it it to to be be over over he wanted to be one song why and he wanted to go exactly ex yeah yeah well clovis i'm a big fan you've turned me into a fan of poetry no we had some weird tension there okay maybe you have a weird facial tic i don't know i might have missed it also might be because i'm hung over well i'm glad you're not drinking now i mean it's you know ten am and you're not drinking or you know i had a ray charles coffee that's coffee with gene in it oh is that what ray charles drank that's already drake okay when you said ray charles coffee i thought you meant like turns you blind there's so much alcohol in it or that's fucked up man he's i beg your pardon big raymond charles fan here look we need to take a break when we come back irlfriend mrs potts is going to be here this is exciting for you she she sort of like this one of the subjects of your last poem exactly so we'll be right back with ms pots and more clovis mandrake and john mullany after this everyone's got akron here i wanna tell you we have new t shirts in the store and these are classics these look really good it's a classic grey t shirts with the motorcycle man logo guy front and center in black it's a very classic looking t shirts the basics baby head over to pod swag dot com slash bang bang pick it up it's really attractive t shirt on one of my favorites we've ever made anyway go check it out.

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