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Police chief art Acevedo hours later in Arkansas Fayetteville officer was shot to death outside the police station have no motive at all it appears that the suspect came into the back parking lot they just executed my officer police chief Michael Reynolds the suspect was killed by responding officers on Friday night an officer was killed in Huntsville Alabama renewed saber rattling by North Korea the regime says denuclearization is now off the table in talks with the US the move comes after U. S. defense official says the north conducted a rocket engine test America's listening to fox news from the Florida central credit union home loans traffic center looking at a problem free ride this morning brought the Tampa area across all major roadways in interstates no reported delays if you need to take two seventy five OR I. seventy five this morning traffic is moving very role right now across your area bridges that's including the sunshine skyway bridge don't expect any slow traffic on either the summit or the veterans expressway this morning no delays to tell you about on US nineteen you was three oh one Samantha canning newsradio WFLA from the root air conditioning weather center powered locally by Ferguson H. back Europe for a warm December week with temperatures well above average this afternoon we're gonna rise from the low sixties all the way to the upper seventies with a low chance for us body inland shower most areas will stay dry on the water winds of the east turning southeast at about five to ten not cease to feet and a light shop in the bay tonight will be very mild temperatures near sixty four by Monday morning Monday afternoon a lot of sunshine a high temperature near eighty were near eighty one on Tuesday I newschannel eight meteorologist Amanda Holly this report is sponsored by dell small businesses save.

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