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Lucy discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


And welcome back Lucy preggo with us Lucy did you ever get the punch line for that last one I did can you say you can get to be set on the radio yeah yeah okay had led by Saturday had problems but operated and he had an op lifts the experience that lasted for twenty four hours that's about as safe as you can get it I guess well now what about the other story that you said was too long before the break hello my name no one got it cut can continue with this as if you want to give me a call you know that was only a minor offense which affected the days to people on the way to actually a very very strange a van that happened in nineteen ninety four when a friend of mine he rang me eight one one evening and he said something that happened in a field this without five ideal but not for where I not far from where I live that I think something happened in the field in a crock circle well I think it is a bit late knobs on you tomorrow and what's the fun with us but for you to explain the George burns it up as well and flash on the block with a life gone down to the various lessons call my work we talk of phone calls on it we sent it down to a biologist and Coleman he came back and he said he'd Knox's silent but his exploded in the focal on on the outside of the circle early because he that's a fox would kill the attention that was perfectly obvious but what we found in the middle with this model sort of costly ness of of of blogs and feather and goodness knows what so I was completely flummoxed by this time I visited the site several times and I was walking down one of the tram lines one day I came across an empty cartridge now all I can think mark that a bird must've been lying in the field dead it's a great song and or maybe it hadn't been it wasn't clear over the river in the field when exactly at the time when the formation of plant and it just exploded the course of the whole nation exploded we know that the forces absolutely soon and I wouldn't want to be around when when I'm I'm a a formation that that I can tell you that doing another I got a number of reports yeah on the fifth yeah this is a man he said the strangest and most chilling thing I've ever seen but the body and head chomp which appeared to have been completely drained of all the fluid as if it had been raised by I grew up in the Congress shall have seen lots of wildlife but I've never seen anything like this with a pop in into the formation to the aids because they formation in nineteen ninety one it appeared to be no external injuries but it's okay all my slacks a friend who was with me at the time this used to taking operated kill her friend of his who was a taxidermist but he's seen nothing like that I would just take it away but my friend was adamant that we're not to go into his call when you took Lucy there when you took the aerial photos of mostly these formations are you up in a helicopter yes I am I am under one with one pilot who who actually refused to fly a that this was actually identify then I had to talk to you is in a in a Mike the night makes he refused the flyers as the formations ever again because his son yes all of this machinery on his instruments on.

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