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And then hear your thoughts on it so where to force go when they are secure. Well thank god. When they're secure they go to one otherwise there would be no music. That comes out of nashville. Sure right they have to have just finishing. Yeah yeah exactly. They would just have all those songs in their heads and they'd be thinking about another way to fix one word but going to one means that they do what's there is to do and that's how we get art and the music and the poetry dance and and all of the other ways you know. There are four mamas who use all that kind of creativity and raising their children and therefore dads who use all that creativity in coaching a team. That may not be i but every kid will have a good experience and without that one element. I'm not sure what would cross the line from thinking about doing doing. That's force are doing repressed. In that means they do interests them but they have to have done some good work in her work to do what is there to do. What do you think use how you do what what.

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