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Stay connected stay informed This is northwest news radio 1000 FM 97 7 According to one Silicon Valley CEO the office as we know it is over and hybrid work is an ideal either Airbnb CEO Brian chesky believes more workers will opt for relocating or traveling instead of coming into an office Danielle abril is covering it for The Washington Post and spoke with Taylor van zeiss Cesky being the head of a travel related company certainly has some interest in promoting working and traveling but what kind of changes has he implemented for Airbnb employees So earlier this month chesky rolled out for Airbnb A new work policy that really allows workers to work and live anywhere in the country And the biggest differentiator for Airbnb here is that they're not adjusting pay Based on where people live or where people are working from And they're also allowing workers to work in more than a 170 countries for up to 90 days each place So really providing a lot of flexibility for what they expect the future of work to look like For me though that would seem like it would cause a headache for work visas or at least tax filing Absolutely So one of the things you told us was part of the reason they're doing that 90 days limit at least on the international travel is for tax and other administrative issues There are some tax issues related to the individual that could come into play if you're hopping around cities and what that means for taxes So for the individual and possibly the company there could be some implications but Chucky is a firm believer that the future of work is based around flexibility And that that's sort of the new way to compete for talent Airbnb has a little bit of an advantage here They're built on the idea of finding a place to stay or work So why does Brian chesky think that this could work for companies outside of his own Well like I said I think we're in a really interesting time where employees have a lot of leverage employers are really struggling to get the talent that they need to do their jobs And over the last two years employees really learned that they can do their jobs remotely and do it well Most companies we've talked to have not only learned that their employees did a good job remotely but sometimes even better and were more productive in balancing their work and their lives in this new environment So with that you basically said look we can't undo what's been done Workers now see that they can do their jobs from anywhere as employers we need to enable that future if we want to be competitive for the best talent and also bring in a diversity of talent from different communities Finally is Airbnb going to completely get rid of their office spaces or is there still going to be a purpose for the office When we ask you if that meant you know are you going to get rid of your offices or unicorns and down He said no we're just going to figure out a way to redesign them for the future And that means changing the office from sort of a one use case model where you have your desks and your meeting spaces and work gets done at the office to.

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