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Spinner's overseas to your international markets now that obviously is going to increase the cost per spinner that you are incurring and that will eat into your profits or does it make more sense for you to either build or partner with manufacturing facility in the country or countries you want to do business with and if so that requires more management but it might cut down on other costs including shipping costs because if you're closer to your destination you don't have to ship things as far so there are lots of other matters to consider like foreign currencies what's the exchange rate how are you how is that going to affect your business also taxes different countries and even different regions within some countries have different tax laws so you have to know all of these in order to price your fidget spinners properly and make sure you're still making a profit and then there are localization issues to consider so let's say the country you've got your sights on his germany they seem like they'd be really big into fidget spinners that's a fun loving country so to make things go more smoothly it would be good to have your business localized so that german customers can operate easily with your storefront which means having a germanlanguage website and it means having some german speaking people to communicate so that your when people talk to your company you can talk back with them so you want to have some sort of localized support there it may also mean developing tailored customer relationship strategies for german customers because you may find out that people in different parts of the world behave differently that you can't just use the exact same customer relationship approach across the world it might work in one part and not in another now take this imaginary scenario and then expand it to an operation that's trying to go worldwide so how do you make sure you're serving everyone.

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