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Yeah it's a it's a a Mexican artist Danny Reuss and it's a very modern love story I found her on. Instagram, when she I think she read my first book and she did just on her instagram she did art piece based on my first book and when I saw tagged out was like. Mrs Amazing this and she I mean her on instagram her handle is at more toasts rouge her last name are Jozy love and. Just the stuff that like the twisted delights that come out of her mind and what I loved about her art was that I thought it was actually very similar to my writing I would like to hope it is in the sense that it's it's it's like has this kind of dark boundary pushing sense to it, but it's so classy and clean and adorable almost or but yeah, it's like whimsical. Cold. But the will things going on in the art. She's like a very modern Edward Gorey or something in a way and. Really. Great comparison you know I just basically after we had all our initial conversations, I would just send her the the chapters and I don't think there was a single time where I was like this design isn't working for me or this doesn't make sense 'cause they were all so clever and so cool. It was just entries just an absolute pleasure to work with. I love that. So I have to like point to just a couple of my favorites here. I love that like if I ate a bunch of Unpopular popcorn and then got cremated. What would happen? I'm thrilled with these questions like am I allowed to make jewelry out of my dead loved ones like out of their bones there's some really basic questions like why did we change colors? You know why does this or that happened to a body what what would my dog look like? If I dug my dog up and of course, the the title question will Mike Catt eat my eyeballs balls maybe you can give us a teaser and a and I'll be I'll ask the lazy question, which is will Mike. Myers spoiler. The answer is not right away. Not. So they started smell real. Good. The the fun fact about your beloved pets is that it seems from research that cats. Dogs tend to nibble you tear you eat it you because they're incredibly anxious because they can't wake up the can't find anyone what's happening. They're very scared which, of course very sad but cats seem to eat you because they are hungry. For My. Because they've very quickly switch you over to a food source which I think actually kind of tracks very well with what we know about cats and dogs, right Yeah I mean we've seen of course, their barrel anecdotal but the sweet videos of dogs morning at their you know dead owners, gravesites or you hear stories that dogs literally starved to death next to their dead or nurse because they're not going to eat them even though there's a food source right in front of them, right? Yeah. Very. Yeah. Man's best friend really really loyal cats not so much which I respect I i. If I you know I would want my cat to just go for it. Are you a cat person or a dog person or neither or both me I am I would say, I'm a puppy person but an adult cat person..

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