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Hi there, Kevin. Hello there. Laurie, if you're out there right now that upper into 1 28 north bad I got some slowdowns of Project of reported crash here at four. And 2 25 and that Lexington stretch beyond that. Not bad getting up through Woburn and reading south pounds got delays on 1 28 almost out of Lindfield now. Getting down through that reading stretch route One is looking pretty good up through Revere and saw August If you're leaving the city south of town, the expressway southbound. Gotta slow. Go now. Soon after the O'Neill tunnel most of the way down through Savin Hill and then busy again, down through Furnace Brook Parkway 93 north pounds on the brakes route 37 getting onto the north beyond Expressway. Break loose after Furnace Brook Parkway and then more slowdowns here from Musab heading up into the O'Neill tunnel route three south pounds quite busy off the expressway all the way down in the hang them. Once you get past Derby Street, you back up to speed, but then more brake lights now over a mile backup approaching the work zone after Route three, a Ducks very getting into Kingston here. Beyond that, not too bad over the Sagamore Bridge born bridges slow over the bridge itself and into the born rotary. This report sponsored by Dairy Queen Haiti Q fans, the girl Scout Thin Mints Blizzard is here. Girl Scout cookies. You love meat, Cool mint and world famous soft serve blended together in this chocolatey minty masterpiece. Grab it today only at your dick. You happy taste Good. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Alright, Kevin thank you and again volatile whether this Friday what's next? The forecast today with meteorologist Dave Samuel. Mostly cloudy and humid this afternoon. We'll have a couple of thunderstorms rumbling through high temperature forecast to reach 78 degrees of sixties on the Cape and islands. Partly cloudy tonight after an evening thunderstorm. The low 64 temperatures warm up We'll have sunshine with a high of 88 Sunday partly sunny with a high of 90 to 95. Loaded the nineties Monday and Tuesday as our heat wave continues. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Samuel WBZ Boston's news radio. We have a special weather statement from the National Weather Service, and this is for a strong thunderstorm, developing and now seen on the Doppler radar over Brimfield, Massachusetts. This is just outside.

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