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On CBS to what meteorologists Camberley for can extend seventy newsradio currently for sky sixty nine degrees downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles county sheriff is out as head of the emergency operations center in a unanimous vote the board of supervisors put the county CEO in charge moving forward the move stems from a report on the response to the walls the fire and the need to streamline disaster operations sheriff Alex Vienna waiver is radical getting at their mercy services called in light of the worldwide pandemic is irresponsible a brazen attempt to consolidate our with the board of supervisors he said it was worth noting the board's documented opposition to his candidacy and entire tenure as it casts doubt on any decision made regarding his office supervisor Sheila kewl I would respectfully indicate to the share of the dishes not about him it's really about the safety of the ten million people in LA county the change places the responsibility of coordinating emergency preparedness response and recovery as well as activation and operation of the county emergency operation center with the county CEO Margaret Carrero can extend seventy news radio possible decision today on where to put patients during the coronavirus surge the Orange County fairgrounds and the Fairview developmental center in Costa mesa are two possible sites for patient overflow the U. S. army corps of engineers is working alongside state and local officials to figure out the best one close to mesa city leaders are planning to hold a news conference today hoping they'll have more information Emily Valdez can extend seventy newsradio California's says he'll fight president trump's a new rule that cuts back Obama era vehicle mileage standards we intend to make sure that the backsliding doesn't reach California's doorstep and we'll try to make sure that we're working with our allies and our coalition partners we keep this from getting to America's doorstep that state Attorney General have your voice here he says the rule will cause lasting environmental and economic harm the head of the EPA said in a statement this rule strikes the right regulatory balance that protects our environment and such reasonable targets for the auto industry the Obama administration called for a five percent increase annual increase in fuel economy the trump administration's proposal shows a one and a half percent annual increase standards of split the auto industry with some company siding with California and agreeing to the higher standards still busy northbound four oh five in seal beach because of an earlier crash will tell you more about that we'll check your drive in just a couple of minutes it's twelve fifty three while.

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Aired On Tuesday, March 31, 7 PM, On KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO.

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