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I don't know i think there is a way to do that with great love and i think that's how i try to edit is to pick up on that thing but pick up on it with leg immense love and care and say how do you feel about that and how can we do acquire which was a different relationship when you're editing is but there's a typically the points where i feel the most kindness of mike i feel they're the most transition i i dunno i think that those are lovely and yet i get that it's i'm gonna have to think about this this is very cool innkeeper time you know and i think that's so that's like i wish everyone had your understanding your level of emotional capacity for the work that they're dealing with not everyone in my experiences so gentle matt saw if you can't see physical features he pick up on on a personal funds like the hour the power of podcasting so so where can our listeners find you all night i mean you can always check out in years ago that car on twitter i'm at emu rosary a dj made that for me at five am at nineteen is an editor at the time was gutted gotta you gotta go twitter it was like i do rather got friday i amy rosary at sweater and then my instagram is very much so mm thanks for listening now is a bureau spiegel's episode of writers you know right you can find her onlineeight bureaux spiegelcom that's a amnuay ros e s p ieg foul or any rosary on twitter you can find us onlinewwwpodcastscom or at the pod guam rentcomwriters who don't right i can find us on twitter at www podcast ross on facebook and instagram more or less the same handles for each please share the show we don't do any kind of advertising you don't pay for anything we don't you know market or do any pr anything so the only way that we have grown the show is for you to share with your friends i that you think might enjoy it you can also it reviewed the show on apple podcast or wherever else you listen to podcasts at eat the music the you heard of the top in the bottom of the hour is from brian dan of holland patten public library p is amazing you should check.

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