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Going out there on his own doing what nobody's done before here and he's that the there are other republicans talking openly about how donald trump socks and we should have a different guy you know william kristol the uh political kingmaker and various elected officials have talked about how their current president may not be ideal for future election the i mean there are a lot of republican elites out there who didn't like trump when he ran for president i mean he broke through in a in a sixteen person field in 2016 in a lotta people opposed him and a lot of people still do uh less so may be at the grassroots level of the the republican base but definitely more so among you know the punditocracy and here in washington dc uh who stick with this a you know they're they're never trump hashtag never trump um but did it trump himself has given no indication that he would not like a second term he's already got a killer community of his own president trump is the earliest person to ever declare for reelection i mean he declared for reelection on inauguration day no president has ever done that before so i mean that's hit his own big deal and and i am i mean part of the reason why he did that is because it allows him to raise money and spend that money on these big rallies you know he's going to phoenix to give a speech next tuesday the day after uh the full solar eclipse occurs um we'll see how that goes the mayor of phoenix is already asked him not to come but you know they're using campaign funds to pay for these speeches who we can go out and see his supporters and not be surrounded by the fake news and the globalist a'deep state rival there partly do it for his mental health like look people like you itself okay like everyone's cheering yeah i mean he he needs that kind of positive reinforcement dislike a fouryearold it's also he himself said it's his primary form of exercise.

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