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Living in a small apartment in Michigan just writing whenever I could. When I started to see how many people were reading my work in the various online outlets that was publishing in. I started to realize there is value to what I'm saying. And in general whenever I published something somewhere. I do ask for the analytics because it helps me to make a stronger case for the next time that someone comes to me with an offer, you know, we live in a capitalist society. So in general, it's what the market will bear. And I look at what men are being paid. And I ask for that. And sometimes more. I think it's really hard to figure out what you're worth as a writer because most outlets pay such a pittance. And so it was when I no longer needed the money that I decided to set a dollar amount that was ridiculous, which is generally three to four dollars a word, and I picked that number because it takes time and energy and effort to write and. If you can't pay that that's totally fine. But I don't need the work. And so for me that was a good number where I could narrow down because I was getting so many opportunities, and I just couldn't I hate saying. No. So I found a different way to say, no, it's a little passive aggressive. But it's also what I believe I'm worth there are plenty of great writers in the world. We both know it. And so it's not that. I think I'm that special. It's just this is what it costs to get my words in your publication. And there are plenty of other writers who may or may not work for less. But I think more writers need to start holding this line. So that we can lift everybody up and everyone can start making a more equitable rate wage for their writing like we should not be writing for less than a dollar a word. How do we do that? We do that by all holding the line. And unfortunately, there's just no real way. There's always gonna be someone who's like. Yeah. Work for a penny a word, and so it's frustrating. In fact, magazine, a glossy magazine recently asked me to do. Profile of young actress. And they said it would be really empowering. But what I lower my rate. And I said if you really care about empowerment, you'll pay me three dollars and fifty cents a word, which was a discount on my usual rate. And that was that. And I have no Gretz because my time is really valuable and my words are valuable..

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