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Long you'll have major freeways with the anywhere from mostly slushie conditions to the snow covering the a right lane especially the left lane and you'll find at least right now for the next couple of hours the centre lane will be aware the motorists are hugging lot of salt piled up a at the salt of facilities and this is the first major snow that uh our wrote commissions have had to deal with and so uh thousands and thousands of tons of salt have been already of spread all over the roadways in the detroit area craig bryson for the road commission four oakland county says they've got a lot of it we have six gulf storage facility around the county and they're all pretty much a full or close to full right now when they're completely full they hold about thirty seven thousand tonnes of salt portal which is far more than we could you know possibly use an in a day or two of course but uh that will be whittled down of course uh during the season because right after this snow event we're going to have some more snow and a couple of days so uh watch out for that and be aware of that here's how one homeowner in berkeley is handled the snow now the snow blower forget it doesn't work he grabbed the shovel stay glomma tommy lives on a corner london shoveling both sidewalks his driveway in this front walk by hand it is it is no more so are making it harder later on august civil right now and maybe later on tonight also again getting a head start getting it started is this is your and my back snowblower would be easier on your back still man that's the problem i do have a snow blower but i was supposed to take out oil then vendor guests in the summertime gray lazy didn't do it now it's not starting so the weight period for anybody to come and fix my snowblower is like around two weeks with a shovel still works yes the cell still works shoveling thank you very much can help me out in berkeley ken rogulski wjr news twenty three degrees lingering snow flurries of course the forecasters kind of blue this forecast you can forecast.

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