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In Long Beach fifty in Sherman oaks. In Santa Monica. Also, sixty sixty six degrees, rather at four zero seven what US officials fire tear gas into the crowd is some migrants push past Mexican police barricades and tried to rush towards the border US customs and border protection closed. The Sanusi tro Puerto venture that runs between San Diego in Tijuana has since been reopened. Here's BBC correspondent will Grant Long now are US citizens trying to get back into the US and Mexican citizens to work in the US. To carry into the United States, but work, Connie hair. I very impressed with the whole the whole event groups of Central American migrants have been camping out in Tijuana for days in their attempts to gain entry into the US. Well, by noon today NASA will once again have landed a spacecraft on the surface of Mars if everything goes, according to plan, some of the greatest minds in science and engineering have been working for the past seven years to prepare for what's being called the seven minutes of terror within about six and a half minutes gone from twelve thousand three hundred miles an hour as we enter the atmosphere to just five miles an hour is we land safely on the surface of Mars. Tom Hoffman is the project manager of NASA's Mars insight mission where we're gonna land as a place called Louisiana, plenty Shah, which very roughly translated means heavenly plane, and indeed it is a very heavily plane, and it is very plain, but it is actually perfect. It's safe. It's a great place. Not only the land. It's a great place to do the science that we want to do. He says the space craft will spend a couple of. Digging just below the surface of Mars collecting data and photos to help scientists understand what's inside the red planet because it may help us have a better understanding of our own planets origins Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio California. State poverty task force has released a plan that says they can end deep child poverty in four years that would affect the lives of nearly half a million children in a state that's the fifth largest economy in the world. But is the worst in the US and child poverty Conway, call us with the task force tells connects it won't be cheap. First year expenditures are an additional about one and a half billion dollars over what's currently being spat, and that will have an enormous impact in terms of both reducing the impact of deep child, poverty, which means we're going to save money and healthcare costs in in crime and juvenile Justice in foster care costs. He says the annual savings in producing child poverty by fifty percent would be twelve billion dollars. Dollars a year Rothbart? Sure. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Well, some Malibu residents remain evacuated as utilities crews worked repair and replace burned and downed power poles road. Closures is still in effect on parts of Holland highway.

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