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The home of the bears Rick Greg newsradio seven eighty and what a five point nine FM. WBBM news time attending teen and right now look at the latest in traffic and weather you reserve the right outbound on the Eisenhower expressway all lanes are shut down police activity at western and there is a good mile delay approaching it if you're on the interop outside of the Eaton's about nineteen minutes Kennedy out to the airport you've got a twenty minute ride to here it's clear inbound twenty eight here to downtown ten the locals eight in the inbound express lanes in heavy past Cumberland today goal with the road work in the left lane again the outbound side of the Eisenhower expressway everything is shut down of western traffic for stop with some police activity going on there the inbound side to heavy from past Ashley to the Jane Byrne interchange thirty one three ninety into downtown eighteen coming in from Mannheim Stevenson thirty and thirty out it is clear both ways Orion out to ninety fifth fifteen about fifteen fifty seven outbound had approach one hundred forty seven ongoing road work seventeen out to I eighty it's always a good in Illinois I eighty on the westbound side or eastbound side both ways slow through the road work between the Seneca access and route forty seven I sixty five south bound a five mile delay right before state read ten thread around the kicking he referred to state run channel because of road work get traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM hand through the night with partly cloudy warm and humid conditions chance of a shower thunderstorm later on low seventy two times of.

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