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So kornacki the number cruncher used a stapler to put it back together. The stapled held through the election. He tweeted but the time has come to finally retire. My tie network host lawrence. O'donnell told him steve go to my fifth four closet and grab a dozen. There was a bigfoot sighting this week in the mountains north of santa cruz california. It was a four foot tall statue of bigfoot. That had been stolen from where else the nearby bigfoot discovery museum just outside the henry cavill redwoods state park. The statue has been returned to the museum which remains closed because of the pandemic polly want a fire. Hose in queensland australia. A man named anton was awakened by his parrot named eric. Anton anton the pair it was screeching eric. The parrot was alerting anton to a fire even before the smoke detectors had gone off. And because of that. Anton and eric without injury before homes burned to the ground anton says eric saved his life and of course his own new yorkers bat an eye about the lady and the swan on the subway. A woman named areo cordova row haas rode her bike to the wildlife refuge in queens and then went for a walk to some bird-watching having worked in the rehabilitation of sick and injured wild birds. Cordova row haas grew concerned about a swan was acting strangely. Swan normally aggressive. But this one didn't budges aerial approached convincing. This was one six swan. She couldn't reach any wildlife rescuers on our phone so she carried the seventeen pounds swan back to her bicycle. There another couple out for a walk drove aerial and the swan to the nearest subway station and they called a friend of theirs. Come pick up the bike. Once aerial got to a wildlife care facility. She learned the bird had lead poisoning from swallowing a fishing wait. sinker was removed. The bird will be fine and it'll be released back into the wild. After a twenty seven mile journey on foot in a car and on a subway and new yorkers didn't bat an eye it was shocking but not necessarily surprising to see a headless body drift ashore in the florida keys. An environmental group was out on perdido key cleaning up the beach when they found the headless body. While another passer-by called nine one one one of the cleanup discovered it was really a department store. Mannequin police in. Wisconsin are looking for the first grinch of the season over the weekend. after the election. Someone cut down a twenty five foot. Algonquin pillars swiss mountain. Pine at the university of wisconsin arboretum planted in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight on the schools. Madison campus. the tree thieves had apparently. I cut the top twelve feet from a white for located nearby. But they left that behind and went for the twenty-five footer. The damage is estimated over. Thirteen thousand dollars and it's hoped that someone knows something about the equipment and the manpower. It took to do all of his damage. The public is being urged to call police if they quote witnessed a large tree being transported or noticed a large tree. That's now part of a holiday display an elementary school avenue on france as put up signs on the fence around the school asking parents not to throw their kids over said fence. The sign features a cartoon drawing of apparent tossing child into the air and over the fence with a caption asking them to please wait until the gates reopened at ten and three the signs became necessary when parents who were late in delivering their kids to school were locked out because classes had already begun frantic to get to their jobs. Some parents were just tossing the kids over the gate. In puerto rico's capital of san. Juan man stopped his car to assist a driver.

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