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I'm fez djamil with the five things you need to know for thursday september twenty third president joe biden ramped up his outreach to democrats yesterday to help push forward his economic agenda. The president hosted multiple groups in a series of what the white house called productive and candid meetings. Cnn's ryan nobles has more the goal here to try and find a path forward that would allow them to not only. Pass the bipartisan infrastructure. Bill that one point two trillion dollar plan that would entail roads and bridges and other things and then at the same time. Pass a much larger three point five trillion dollar human infrastructure plan. That would serve as kind of an overhaul of the american federal social safety net. Lawmakers seem too optimistic that they did make some progress but acknowledged that they had a long way to go. The fda has given the okay for booster shots of the pfizer cove in nineteen vaccine to be given to some people. It's granted emergency use authorization for third shots be recommended for vulnerable adults. That means people over sixty five those at high risk of severe disease and anyone whose job with some at risk of infection like teachers or grocery store workers the former commissioner for the fda and current member of the board of directors of pfizer. Dr scott godly says boosters could be recommended to other people if they prove to be effective. I suspect what's going to happen. Is we'll continue. Click data on this cohort sixty five and over and other people who were made eligible and eventually the agency may walk down the authorization to younger age cohorts depending on what they learned from the data set here in the united states. The cdc's advisory panel meet thursday to decide what to recommend based on this decision and must give it stamp of approval for any booster dose to be officially given thousands of migrants continue to languish in a makeshift camp under a bridge. In del rio texas but the number of people in the camp is going down a summer being processed by us immigration officials after customs and border protection sent an additional six hundred personnel to the area as c. n. n.'s rosa flora's reports from del rio. Some migrants are being allowed to stay at least temporarily while the biden administration says it's ramping up. deportation flights. To seven day now the destinations would not just include haiti but also countries like brazil and chile According to the administration these are some of the transition countries where haitian nationals have been living for the past few years at last check. The del rio mayor says that there are more than five thousand migrants still waiting to be processed by us immigration authorities as more details are revealed about her last days of vigil was held yesterday for. Gabby petito the twenty. Two year old's body was found on sunday in wyoming's bridger teton national forest. She was on a road trip with her fiance brian laundry when he returned home without her on september first. Her family reported her missing ten days. Later police are searching for laundry. Who has not talked to them. About the case. Tito's death has attracted a lot of attention on social media. Nina angelo posted on instagram. To say she saw the couple at a restaurant on august twenty seventh saying there was a quote commotion when they left. She was hysterically crying and she walked out and she she was crying and she was saying on the sidewalk and i was washing the whole thing. Unfold he won't back at four more times to talk to the manager and to tell the host. All petito story is also highlighted the tens of thousands of missing persons stories that don't attract such intense interest. They were nearly ninety thousand active missing person cases as of the end of twenty twenty. According to the national crime information center and thousands of people from a town in myanmar have fled across the border to india because of fighting between ethnic militias and the army last weekend and thought long about twenty homes or set ablaze photographs on social media. Showing buildings engulfed inflames. A community leader said most of the town's population has left to seek shelter and surrounding areas. The head of a civil society group in india says five and a half thousand people have arrived in the country over the past week as they try to escape the military crackdown. myanmar mar has been in turmoil. Since a government led by pro democracy veteran on san succi was toppled in february sparking nationwide anger strikes protests and the emergence of anti-junta militia. You're up to date. We'll be back in mid day eastern with the latest headlines whenever you want them and wherever you are. It seems to happen like clockwork as soon as the warranty runs out.

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