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Now my parents adviser told me that the vetting process for Smartvestor is simply a fee. They pay your company for the stamp of approval. That seems a bit dumb, but it did make me think about asking what is the process for investors to become advisors to become a Smartvestor. Well, your parents financial advisor is a liar, so you should stay away from him because he wouldn't know the truth of it bit him on the butt. So no, the only, yeah, we just take money from any idiot out there that says he's an adviser, and then we send all of you people to them and there's never been any back backlash. Oh, come on. That's absolutely asinine. That's ridiculous. Of course, I couldn't get away with that. You people which string me up social media would be full of the complaints and rightly so now I've got a hundred person team that works on the Smartvestor program. They follow up on every lead. They follow up on every person in the thing we, we make sure they have the heart of a teacher that they're teaching stuff and giving you advice that's consistent upon the advice that you hear here or in financial peace university, or when you read the total money makeover. And so no, I'm not a prostitute. I don't just sell for money. The shortsighted in business number one because he would have to do the business over and over and over and over and over again and the turnover among listeners because you wouldn't trust me would be extra nominal in my -dorsements would become worth nothing because it would not be worthy of trust. So pisses me off. God is lying and saying that I'm a prostitute unbelievable. So no, we don't just sell out for money boys and girls. Well, for a lot of reasons number once wrong thing to do. But number two, it really wouldn't work as a business model me think about it because I would put every scum burger on the planet in the program, and the new people would go and you'd come on, you'd be on their Facebook pages and daveramsey higher ski daveramsey indoor system burger pages everywhere. Right? And then Dave Ramsey's name would be mud. That would be shortsighted and dumb because really all I've got to sell my word that my trustworthiness, you folks trust me or you don't. And if you don't trust me, then you wouldn't take endorsements. Right? And so I would burn my spoil the well, you know, that's just dumb. It's ridiculous. No, we've been amazing amount of money, amazing amount of effort, amazing amount of time, not selecting the Smartvestor selecting any of our e LP's on the real estate side or any other l. p. programs. And then we spent an amazing amount of time making sure that they're taking good care of you folks. Are they perfect? No, there's three thousand of them. They're not perfect, but we work our butts off to make sure the right people are in there and stay away from your parents financial advisor. He's a crook. This is the Dave Ramsey show..

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