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Garments. And the designs. It's when you have a dream and a vision and a goal, I think you have to picture it. And I always pictured it I could visualize it. I could see the brand I could see the stores, I could see the fashion shows. I could see the label. I could see. The whole sphere ice. I saw it. But at the same time, I knew in order to get there and really make that come to fruition ahead to do the dirty work the hard work by. So I would do the hard work. And I did I decide everything on my own in the beginning. Well, and I checked everybody in every threat everything. But at the same time, I had that vision by then I had that dream in my mind. So I you know, I was. I was about to give up more than once and mainly because I didn't have the money to keep rolling. Yeah. And you have to sacrifice a lot. Sure. So you sacrifice everything from eating some days to. Working when your friends are having a good time for sure to you know, giving it every bit of sweat. You have right, right. I totally. I totally. I totally get that, you know, wanting to break into the music industry. I I figured out a way that I could take graduate level classes, which only met once semester. So I could spend the rest of the week in the studio. Right. So basically, my grade was not based on tendency. It was all based on the final paper only met one time. If I got an ale in the phone paper seeing the class I would pass. Yes, that's unusual out. Right. But I would say this as much as I worked super hard and ahead of vision. I needed someone to actually be that entree for me. And so for you to even have the visions. Hey, I'm going to have I'm going to have a my own brand. And I want to go to. To where the clothes get made. How did that even happen? Did someone introduce you? How did you get to India was with there someone there that you knew was there when I was buying clothes for my stores? Right. Always looking for. Manufacturers when somebody who could make my ideas, and I found this Indian guy in New York who told me at factories in India, he can make anything I wanted. So I told him that I would love to bring my design book to to India to do it to to to use his factories. So. My my wife, and I just got married in nineteen seventy nine my wife, and I went to India for a honeymoon. Wow. And we spend less time on the plane tickets. So we stayed in. This guy's house and his factories in the basement. So every day we stood there and made samples and then at the end of the trip we put the samples in a bag went back to New York and hustled to hit the streets. Right. Try to sell them to anybody who would buy them any store that would buy them. And you know, we had a lot of starts and stops lot of obstacles. Yeah. For sure for sure that that's a great segue to work life balance. The that's kind of the next by that people won't understand. Because a lot of folks just like you were just talking about. Sometimes it take the sacrifice of hey, you know, I can't I can't I can't. Go to the club tonight. I'm working or you know, I can't do the nice dinner tonight. Because you know, I don't wanna be the weird guy that can throw it on a credit card. Right. And so in doing music, sometimes I couldn't actually afford to book someone from like one of the biggest agency, but my girlfriend might happen to be at one of the biggest agencies, and we take a trip. So I could actually shoot the video with her. But it's actually vacation at the same time. Right. And so the the story I really resonates with me that you took your honeymoon, and you actually stayed somewhere where you can get the work done and still have that beautiful romantic..

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