Senate, Dhaka, Congressman Mac Thornberry discussed on Washington Today


Very close to a budget agreement uh and that uh an and and and i'll just say the secretaries were very clear and direct about the imperative of getting a budget agreement in place so that we have no we can in this series of crs and uh threats of shut down it turns out we have been over the last nine years we have been operating under a cr for more than a third of the tom that's three years out of the last nine we have operated under under a cr so i think it is very close the big question is will there especially be some folks in the senate who hold that deal hostage to other issues and i saw that reports that some some democratic senators were saying that dhaka was no longer lit linked to the budget deal i hope that's the case we need to about we need to do the right thing for the military on its own merits and then do the right thing on daca and border security on its own merits in linking these things together has had the effect of holding the military hostage to another political agenda and natural of one last point because i'm on a roll we lost twenty three service members to hostile actions in two thousand seventeen we lost four times more than that to training related accidents this budget dysfunction as a human cost in our military is bearing the brunt of it so all those people who say yes we need more funding for the military only if i get my way on this immigration issue were only if i get my way on this domestic spending issue that's wrong uh going the preparations granting has we're we're just gonna have to see what the situation is uh when when it arrives obviously there's a lot of conversation among members at this retreat about uh the way forward uh nobody wants a government shutdown but we also cannot continue to inflict the damage that crs inflict on the military we can't keep doing that and the comments of republican congressman mac thornberry's speaking to reporters as the retreat in west virginia bloomberg news confirming that house and senate staffers are working on a stopgap funding bill that would keep the government operating through march 23rd a vote could come as early as next week the.

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