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So it is nothing short of astounding that in such a confined space that we didn't have more of a tragedy and we did so we so thankful that they were able to get out we were able to get the other folks out they the prisoners that were in there also on harm and this was it was pure pandemonium in north Philly last night hundreds of police on the scene neighbors were kept away from their homes for hours as all this unfolded as you mention two officers were trapped inside of that house for five hours before they were finally rescued an Opel this ended after hills lawyer helped ensure that he wouldn't be hurt if you surrender David thanks Hey why nobody's might Dharti live the police said now mayor Kenny spoke with reporters at temple hospital as a stand off played out listen to the transmissions on the radio and I could say our police officers are not only talented and and but brave all that was that was an amazing intense a number of hours going back and forth listening to gun shots over the radio listening to officers whispering up stairs because they want the shooter to know where they were located it was it was just a riveting riveting experience but our officers need help they need help they need help with gun control the two little boys that were the officer had his head Grays just a little bit more and those two little boys Robert out for that because some because this government up of a lot of federal and state level don't want to do anything about getting these guns off the street to get them out of the hands of criminals this guy is clearly a criminal he was he is a criminal and he was like he had a long record which I'm not sure if I don't have the front of me but has been public about just just before he was able to get these weapons and a large magazine a large.

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