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Sticky with Music Devante Hines Aka Blood Orange seems to work at prince like rates recording continuously and releasing only bits of what he makes as appendixes to the proper releases after the problems come. Do you see you see how it works now. He's decided to put it all anyway. In the form of a mixed tape. There isn't really an album and yet somehow is what's going on in the world of the artist formerly known as light speed champion. Now Co writes as Rocky Cholerae Jepson blondie. Am Kylie is the first truck from this mix tape. It's called. I WANNA I WANNA see you. Oh that's all I wanna see you with a C under you. From angels working like Prince Means. You'RE GONNA spell like Prince's well road or what have you been following him on top of him I wouldn't I wouldn't say I was following him but then also Sameera Reddy. Oh Oh is that always done. This is done I mean I was very impressed with all the kind of collapse in the stuff on a main I've heard of all the people which is pretty good for somebody of my advanced years <hes> yeah it was. It was kind of for me. It was like ambient music. It was the music you listen to in the chill out room at the rave in much opposed Franck Ocean world of flow teal and structured are as electronic textures. Yes it was I mean back in that respect. I love. I really really enjoyed I once I loved it but I really enjoyed it and I listened to while I was doing stuff because it wasn't the economy's demanded you full attention. I didn't fail yeah you sort of get the idea that your sort of wandering through his memory policy Joseph Dunn needs to and I really liked the fact that everything's like a minute and a half all the things like three minutes isn't the things of cuts off abruptly and you're into something else. It does feel like <hes> you know. He's right to call it a mix tape and it's not a big coherent finished thing I mean you stay on top of the world of this kind of stuff. You know the the way that kind of black American music and brought blackberries music of absorbed avant-garde electronics as well as the seventy tradition well through the medium of my some the D._J.. The D._J.. French Hamilton part one half of Sue Kesse the <hes> the House D._J.. I mean essentially through through here. I hear a lot of new stuff and have done for a long time. which is how I found myself in Shangri Laura Glastonbury this year listening to Archie Hamilton <hes> you know and being surrounded by people who were all at least twenty years younger than me and I did did fill for a moment? I thought ooh actually know who this guy is. I know that Choon that many played it shows oh yeah yeah. I know this one. You know so. It's kind of weird you can't i. It's a weird space to be our main. I I am really into continue music. I Love Music and I love New Music or love new challenges so yes two years ago Glastonbury I was I was big you know boy was the best thing for me at Glastonbury 2017 closely followed by Canine now so yeah I love growing because it feels like punk <hes> it just it has a black element in that <hes> there's the thing that matters to black people lose. You know kind of how you look a lot more <hes> so it wasn't isn't dirty. It was like very it's very clean very fashionable very stylish very cutting edge but I mean that's always been fashion. It's been always been the two you know. I just feel like you know black style.

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