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Translate. What else happened. Devon Booker at a ferocious dunk. Don't remember him doing anything else. Goes JIM FIRST ALL STAR Game Man I gotta get like Trey was like I don't have these last threes. I found. I'm going put my like regular clothes back on because we all watch them for the fourth incredible sweatshirt trying to think what else happened in this game. The halftime show. It was a whole weekend of chance. The rapper which is a lot so. I don't think that helped People's opinion than him being the the headliner the dunk contest. It was just all weekend. Are they just on that halftime? Show like if you're just like at the halftime show in a vacuum in terms of Like last ten year. Nba All star. Halftime shows I feel like that was one of the better ones which is more of an indictment on the NBA also halftime show than a appraise. Of what chance did honestly. I don't remember a single one. Remember any odd number cutting us off so I guess if it makes a memorable Wayne came out. Never GONNA be absurd. You might have. I was gone by then. People were like not even saying I was like man I got laundry to fold. Daiei came out because he had a hot and Kobe Bryant Jersey. That was sewn into pants NOCA- which I can respect ever trinity Who has someone else came out? Fuck was I'll never remember. I refused to remember. I feel like we got like a nickelback someone like non end like nine close to what the NBA Jesse. If this thing that you can look up like again of all the Chicago talent show head this. We are like for the whole even see if they did like a Chicago Medley. You'd have to be in that for sure but it will probably like as it's either him common chance chance. Yeah I think it's one of the things like You know he's safe for a national audience. It is Chicago so he checked. Both those boxes and I feel like a lot of the younger players do like him. J. Cole so now from the area as this problem direct who was last year was the Jayco last year it had to that. I'm looking for the twenty seven and be all star game. I don't remember but the halftime show was Riyan Drake and Kanye West Mills. Like we've taken a step down since that was an la. Yeah that balance pretty strong the next year. Pit Bull Neo Chris Brown in nature. I don't know Liz aired haven't booked for next year saying like that was twenty twelve the one Got You got you one. After the twenty third team was. We should keys halftime Trombone shorty Dr John. Ill Monet Earth Wind and fire Gary Clark junior down eight starts Ariana Grande. Day Nick N. Nikki Moniz Twenty. Sixteen was staying just second. That's dressed in the next year was just just John Legend. Let's to slow the next Faria migos any our D. In last year. Charlotte was Jayco closing like they're going. They're cutting down the artists. Like the one. We're going away from the Super Bowl halftime show. You know you're getting at least two three acts. We're going the other way we got one. If you don't like it fuck you. Cueva came out. That's who cannot and wouldn't xers indianness rapper from Indiana Gibbs. Big honestly not even that. I don't know if he's big enough like he can't just be the guy and also I don't think the NBA wants. That's what I'm saying. What he's got a say on their their airway. I don't know who on where they go on the media name. Let's Rapper Indiana tied to Dan. And there's a total of eleven so and one of them is Mike gaps so k. see typed in what is happening cam to initiate. I don't know any of anything happening here. Let a hard core punk rock band from India genres of music. Vm's Jordan Bay helsing staples Halftime through you wouldn't you wouldn't dare L. Baby face okay. Yeah baby facing gives. Little person called. Michael Jackson.

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