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Only in one direction but at the speed of light now. Physicists say well energy electrons. don't move through through leaving things at the speed of light. But that's been proven to be incorrect by By german physicist by the name of constantine meal so he's proven in his lab that yes indeed Energy moves or electrons. Move through the body of speed of light. Wow which helps us understand if why if you put essential oil on your big toe. The frequency of that is in your brain at the speed of light so we have this Muscle battery pack system. And that's the major provider of voltage and by the way just as an aside the brain uses more voltage than anything else in the body and therefore it needs the biggest batteries so the br the battery as supply for the rain is our legs. Wow that's the backup. Backup system for the brain is is the lake so one of the reason. Your brain works better if you go out and walk around the block because you've charged it up. Hey what do you use on your skin. 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You're saying that that is the actual pump or the release of energy from battery pack. Yes as pies. Electricity is the is the muzzles battery charger. And so that's why it's Exercise is important. You know you talk about exercise. Being important to move lymphatic. But i think much more important job it has his keep your battery packs charged now another interesting thing is that as an embryo develops it starts in the brain and from the brain circuits. Extend down into the rest of the body and as they do so they go through very specific teeth. And so our teeth individually become integrated in specific circuits and. That's why our teeth have such an important role in all of our electronic circuits so so we start with the big batteries in our muscles to go through the teeth. And then they go down to the cell membranes and our cell membranes are actually designed to be capacitors so unwarlike bastard. Capacitor is a small battery so if you'd have to electron conductors separated by an insulator you have what's defined as a capacitor and thus store electrons are store will ditch the difference between a capacitor and a battery is in play a capacitor. When it's asked to discharge completely discharges all of the energy at has whereas battery can release it slowly over time so basically again. We have our muscle battery packs than we have. Our cell membranes are actually small batteries if you please just underneath. The cell membranes is a special kind of water that has been called easy water exclusion zone water alcoholic abso docked. Pollock has given it that name and it's actually another of voltage storage system because instead of being h. two o. is h three zero two which is an electron donor form of water. So there's a third battery. Then we have the mitochondria and those are the little power stations inside of cells and inside the maddock andrea. We have another rechargeable battery system. It's called atp when it's charged up his called adp when it's discharged well. The atp is the final Batteries power source for the cell to do what it needs to do. And as it spins its electrons and becomes a discharged battery. Obviously you need a battery charger. Inside the maddock andrea and that battery charger is called the citric cycle or the krebs cycle and the krebs cycle has designed to run on fatty acids so for every unit of fatty acid. You put into the krebs cycle. If oxygen available you get enough electrons to charge up thirty eight of those little. Adp batteries but if oxygen is unavailable for every unit of fatty acid you put in. You only get enough electrons to charge up two of those batteries so little like a car that goes from thirty eight miles a gallon two two miles per gallon if you don't have enough oxygen and then finally we have our dna dna when you see pictures of it. You generally see it from the side and it looks like you took a couple of ladders. Twisted them together. But if you look at it from the and you'll see there's a big hole down the middle and down the middle of that whole is in implodes what's called scaler. Energy and scaler energy has the ability to go down. Not only do service the power supply to your dna but it has power to read to communicate it to the next new sell. It makes it to communicate with other cells in the body so the scaler energy that employs into dna is not only a battery. But it's an information transfer system. Wow so we have these five different batteries. That must work a for the cells to continue to function so one of the things then. That's important to recognize his that. If someone has an organ that's not functioning normally. You can take it to the bank that it won't have adequate because all chronic disease is defined by having inadequate voltage. Now the next piece of the puzzle happen stipulate polarity so if you look at a battery. It has a plus on one end and a minus on the other hand. If you take any rechargeable battery new drain it two zero the polarity flips upside down. So now if you take a battery and put it in a ratty charger upside down at won't take charge while it and so what happens. In our muscle battery packs in particular is if we drain our our muscles to down to zero. They flipped her priority. And therefore we lose the power that's necessary to have the twenty five miller goals for cells to walk run correctly. And we certainly don't have the fifty miles. It takes to make new cells to repair them so once. Batteries flipped nothing. You do works. So how do people in the normal day out of power they draining. They're they're they're muscle battery packs for example how that happened. Well we've identified five different reasons that muscles and and flipped their polarity. First of all is steroid. Second is a scar across the circuit across the the wiring system for that battery. Third is a dental infection in The teeth that are in that circuit fourth is emotional baggage and fifth his toxins so each one of those things will drain your battery a little bit an extra drain a little more than a little bit more and finally you add enough of those things together then the battery flips now. This is one of the major defects in my view of traditional medicine and even many forms of so called alternative or natural medicine and that is in traditional medicine. We do scientific studies. And that's in quotes scientific studies in order to find out if one particular thing is causing something or if one particular incur- something and so we try to isolate all of the other substances or other things just to see what. The effect of that one particular thing is what the reality is almost. No illnesses are due to one particular thing now. There are obviously exceptions if you happen to be next to assure chernobyl when it blew up. Yeah the radiations gonna kill you. You know if you're under the water and held their your and you don't get oxygen. Yeah that's going to kill you too. But talking about most of chronic disease is not a single item causing it. it's a combination of various electrons. Steelers added together which are adequate in their summoned total to drain the battery zero k so now we see that. Same thing in natural medicine alternative medicine. Whatever you wanna call it. Everybody's always looking for that magic south african jungle juice. It's gonna cure everything. That's wrong with everybody and i'm sure having gone and inspected a lot of those things you in particular know that that's simply not true. There isn't one magic notes. So what you have to do then is to go down the list of those things and identify which ones are active in order in keeping us circuit Flip because if you don't fix them all even if you flip the battery back in charge it up which can tell you how do in a moment he'll simply flip again. So would you like me to go down the list. Let's do it. Let's go to list so thyroid. Hormones very important but thyroid hormone. That's most important. Is t three so the thyroid normally makes tea three four but the thyroid hormone that most doctors prescribe is just t- four. Now the problem is that to convert t four into the active form of t three. You must have. I dine progesterone glutathione and several other things that are in the list that you have to have been. The problem is that many people are deficient in those cofactors nutrients. So if you give somebody four. It doesn't matter if they can't converted to the active form t three and so And the other thing is that the that the Thyroid process actually begins in the hypothalamus of the brain. And that part of the brain is under control of adrenaline. From your adrenals. Fear of so of your dreams are out which is true in most sick people. They end the thyroid process. Can't work correctly. Because the epa thelma's in getting the signals at needs so the the apple thomas puts out what's called the retro peak releasing hormone which tells the poetry to put out t h which tells the thyroid to put out t four t four must be converted to the active formity three. Unfortunately doctors are trained to look at t s h and occasionally they look at t four and if those are in the normal range they say well you have added with thyroid hormone but you can see those numbers could be normal. But if you can't convert into the active form you could be eighty percent efficient at the cell membrane and have normal h four and your blood and so there's enormous amount of undiagnosed hypothyroidism and so Remember that the thyroid hormone t three controls. The voltage of every cell membrane in the body. T. three also controls the total number of might aqa andrea in the body and t to controls the function of the maddock. Andrea has a big big juggernaut of control over these energy systems. Just a an f. y. I i've got about. I'm about three hours. Work away from finished writing a book. About what escalier energy. And how does it affect the body and that goes into great detail. About how all of the scaler. Angie works because the reality is that scaler energy is the essence of life itself. Yeah and is the scaler Move through different. Frequencies hurts frequencies. Does it move in that. In that way. Is there levels to that scaler energy. Or how is that associated with frequencies and things like well scaler energy in and of itself is sort of like Something like money set in its savings account waiting for you to need it and then it will go. You can withdraw. Are you can utilize saying that is scaler. Energy will implode into the center of anything. That's a platonic solid spheres cubes pyramids and whatever or implode into anything that's golden mean and by the way your dna is golden mean and that's why scaler energy implodes into the when that stops happening. You're no longer with us. So we were at thyroid scars dental infections. Now if you've got a circuit going through a tooth decay in the tooth decay simply as a resistor to some of the electrons trying to go through that tooth and drops the voltage event but decay in and of itself won't flippable aaron but if you have infection in a tooth and infection spreads into the bone around the tooth. Now it'll simply flip the polarity in that circuit and nothing. You do will work until you get the infection out of the bowling around that twos and of course the. The teeth are most likely to end up in that situation. A root canal teeth because.

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