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Her oscar evacuee i mbeki to win she's not gonna but i want becky to win because a i i don't want to pay oscar even though she slipped clear favorite she probably going in a wicket winning becky big oscar the did not do it for the video game was apparently cannot do will the drawer rumbled the read to his team they do not here of a delo to a bunch of women for the rebel millet oh apparently i care the speaking of the woman's were a rebel check out while thought rare i count the morrogh for the complete predicted predicted border that i wrote down men's and women's will borrow off a rare marco simone line that's up next we have the man royal out most ticker showed up actually we lot we missed two questions on this matter a gap take your showing up i don't know i really honestly don't know before we get into taker though let me let me just rental is real quick so we have people to talk about of who is in the men's royal rumbles so far they have seventeen names while if arctic up to seventy was for yeah they they must have update at the site today so you have john seen enough and valor rainy orton shinsegei nakamura the ms elias bearing corbyn woke in matt hearty jerry lai it e take those two out right now in an english greece says titus o'neil apollo crews tie deal under beghi kofi kingston an exhibitor woods roma groups three days before us or before the wearable orders whenever news he's not with they'll throw him in there he's put a business were point of get on a problem in the delta meghan you know clear he the wearable points up eager i don't think chaker himself show saw that there could be some take our like shenanigans he's a brian mcbride matter though alert the other going to each other out because great or is coming from fin ballor maybe maybe not rainy ordonez a now member dormer wall's going to win this remove it's not room rates i nobody would really not decisions cannot more when the rebel he smacked though i know that but he could win really spectacular if he won the rumble he could win the plague then he went on the raw seidler gouda weight if it's not roman writes.

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