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The return of PM cues after the extended Easter recess. But it was not pm cues as we know it for starters. Kissed Armor had replaced Jeremy Corbyn as leader the Labor Party and he faced off against Dominic Robb who stunning in for Boris Johnson. And it was a semi virtual session as well with many. Mp's doing questions via video link. Ralph them from the floor. Starting with kissed James. How do you reckon he did his first? Pm Cues and was a big departure from the Corbin era. Almost NEVER GONNA. Kinda set the head writers of parliamentary before. But he was fall better than Jeremy Corbyn. Moore's he's questions with detailed and in a crucial difference. Jeremy Corbyn Actually GonNA follow it up. Dominic Robb said in response rather than sticking to the same six questions. Come what may of what the session was more political than I had expected and I think that's actually a good thing. I think. The Challenge Accountability to the strengths the Westminster system and lead to better government. I've what we're going to take away session where the hundred thousand task by the end of the month is obviously if the government doesn't hit that and it looks like it won't ask that is going to be appropriate for kiss almost trying to present general test of governments competence in its handling of ours of all the other things we often dominate rob. What the governments to defenses are going to be about. Its handling of this pandemic when kids aren't being slow to go into lockdown during said. Look we follow this onto me. It's wise and you kissed armor really saying that you know of in the chief medical officer and the chief scientific advisor what action should have been taken went and then the second point. Don't rob later in the session was the government has managed to expand the NHS's capacity to prevent the system from being. I want and I think this is the one undisputable achievement in this crisis can give six weeks ago. We have been told there would be eight hundred deaths today at the peak. We always assumed but that would have meant that the house would have been essentially overrun and it hasn't been and that. That is the thing that the government can point to as its biggest achievement during this pandemic and starting testing I mean stomas sort of raised the difference between capacity and actual number of tests that are being carried out. Say Do you think rob had any sort of convincing answer? Katie about why? That's why there is that gap at the moment but he much defeat things that have already come up in terms of the press conferences in the sense that one of the issues is actually getting people to the testing centers where they are a lot of the time they are quite far. I H- you have people in homes. They were to make this huge journey to get that task and he said that was one of the issues and they were looking at having mobile stations. Easier access one's going forward but again. There were no plans when they would open. I think that it did strike me in. Pm keys quite a few things that his arms bring up things that we've had be brought up at the press conferences by Jan this but the former prime minister's questions and I think parliament in general. Just does you can apply a great leveler scrutiny to it and is easier to press to try and get an answer. I think as James Says. The government misses his target. Clearly they're going to get a lot of criticism for doing that. I think will be held up as examples when we want to make the case against the government of promises that could be delivered. Now number ten I think of clarified state. That even though rob was to admit capacity the hundred thousand talk is still one hundred thousand people being tested on. I think that does just show you how hard it is to reach that target. I could potentially imagine a scenario where the capacities up to one hundred thousand by the end of the month but even with that I mean a lot would have to happen in the final week to reach that but to go from the level of the number flashy taking their tests that level jump as it does seem really difficult right. Now and James Rob was pressed as well on p. p. and the cat service. How do you do in these questions? One Motel in just the government is. We don't have a nationally broadcast. I was which means getting accurate information about what is going on. In the Cath actor out there. Much more difficult you know. I think there is obviously going to be a big conversation about social office crisis. Unearth is going to be one of issues haunted. The problem is Katie. Said is the government says the test available for every social care worker. Who wants one but the problem is if you work long shifts in social care do you really want to go a mile and a half out of your way on your way home to go and be tested? I mean this is. This is the problem is they? Need some if they're gonNA hit on vows desperately in the month? I mean you need some mechanism by where people can be your health precious in the house and the care sector can be tested over their place of work or very close to the distance and vote at the moment. Awesome to great. I think is a challenge for the. Don't she's very much of it in this country. I think one thing we were here with boyzone's already talk cabinet coys by self sufficiency medical supplies. I mean not is going to become national self-sufficiency medical supplies. I mean that's going to become another thing that becomes an issue. Once you're through the crisis I mean the challenge. The government is every country in the world is trying to get hold of more moment and he. One of the boys at some ministers have played into question. The public wearing mosques is as you open up. The Economy. More and more people are going to want. Pp IF YOU'RE GONNA reopen schools fully rather just with this limited number of people's very limited number of people that are currently in schools and teachers requesting so the government is going to have to be getting more and more of stuff at a time when colluded with them on for is going through. The roof is going to be a real logistical challenge for the government and Katie Matt Hancock. The health secretary also gave an update stay in parliament. Did he sort of given a new information? I think there are a few interesting lines. Matt handcocks appearance in the Chamber. He was physically that and I. He said that he believed that. Currently is that the peak in terms of infections. And I think that's interesting because everything has been pointing to the idea it. May've just had the pay who released and that Jemele period but I think this is the first time he had said so. You said we are at the peak before we relax any social distancing rules or make changes to them if Saturday the five tasks that have to be met there was also an interesting line on contact tracing with Hancock suggesting that for that to be appropriate. Easing you're going to have to have contacted trace in place now. Concentrates as other countries probably more in the east had an means. You have probably more tense. Normality fuel locked measures. Because you have a team quite an advanced team that contest and trace and you can look at specific infections that way but I think when he talks about it does just give you a sense of how far away we are from perhaps that level of normality in intensive daily day say lives because as we were talking about earlier on this podcast. The government is struggling even to have one hundred thousand tests today target Matt and have contact tracing. You're gonNA need specific teams. Hugh working hard not just to get testing of Health Wak of individuals and then finding a lot of people have been in contact with so again. I think it's just another logistical challenge. That will have you met when you eventually come up with a full exit strategy. Now I don't think the invocation was that this will be needed in free weeks time because it's just not gonna be ready but there are some things you can ease small things without having them place but I think the comments are pointing to this idea that to have a the further easing. Which which would see more socializing with. I think that kind of thing. What the government is potentially looking at and in terms of the impacts of the lockdown. I think today male portion this front page today that something like seventy five percents of cancer referrals down. Did Hancock can have addressed. These concerns may been not enough people are using the NHL at the moment. James One for the government is trying to communicate. The moment is that you should still go to hospital. You would have gone to hospital normally beforehand because there is enough spec Pasadena Jeff. I think one of the things warring a loss of people in government right now and in the NHL is the number of people going to any US fallen off a cliff. Now some of that is because we were going to any previous you. And they didn't need to the warriors people are hesitating before calling ambulance or go into any and that is probably leading to more people dying of heart attacks and strokes them otherwise happened as also one of the things that is massively important in dealing with cancer. Recapturing early so are putting off gained. Gp BECAUSE OH VAT. That is another problem. Install up for down the line if you talked to some Tory huntings I say is the government has run its public health information campaign like isn't election campaign stare home protect the NHL save lives has been repeated as endlessly and as effectively as get brexit done. But the problem with that is it has created a climate in which people don't want people basically if there is any way but they can delay going outside interacting with other people especially going to adopt a surgery or hostile. People think there'd be a particularly high risk of encountering someone with Kobe. Nineteen people are choosing to stay at home and I think that is one of the big challenges. Undoubtedly one of the really high levels of compliance has been because the messaging has been so brutally effective. But how do you get to a slightly different message to make people think for you? Know if they're worried about a lump basically. It's still going to get it. Checked out and Katie. Do you have any updates? On the procurement of ventilators. There's some controversy yesterday about any you ventilator scheme what was going on their so siren. Mcdonald's appearance at this committee has reignited. The story is brought back to life so a few weeks ago there was a rabbit a badge that had not signed up to be part of the e event to procurement scheme or later on the PCP procurements game and it was suggested this perhaps ideological grads the idea that Brexit Tory government. It just didn't want to have any ties with the EU and therefore chose not to do something which could have helped the country as preparedness the UK government responded Hitachi been an communications era and they just had had not been aware that they could join the scheme handle since they have now joined a later batch of it so the first bit but later on there now in it for future then we had the top seven and the Foreign Office appear before the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and he said that it had been a political decision and minister had been briefed on it. Now this is very confusing given the seemed to go completely against the original line and then fairly late last night. We were told this communication was coming the civil servant wrote to the committee saying he wants to correct as evidence although he had said this he didn't actually mean it he had inadvertently misled the select committee and it wasn't the case. That was a political decision. Now is clearly very confusing. The comes around it but at the moment it does seem that the government line is the one that ever in is adhering to and the Civil. Seven has changed their mind. I think that probably the key thing there in the story is the fact that if you look at this procurement procedure not a single ventilator and a European country has yet reached the countries that did sign up to it in the first round and I think the similar with that will change in the coming weeks but right now he doesn't actually have isn't lacking in times of ventilators. So is one of those rows where I think it'd be a lot more potent even with the government's denials about you know why Mrs Scheme if we actually had a situation my European countries on mass a lot more ventilators than the U. K. and the U. K. Didn't at the moment. That isn't the case and James Decent. This is a bit of a storm in the COPA. Has WELL I? I've invented a fascinating example of how the medical thinking on this is evolving. I think again if you owe back about six weeks ago people for ventilators absolutely the most important single bit of medical equipment during this crisis. One of the things that's happened is but doctors have become less keen on using these mechanical ventilators in the treatment of the disease and they found that it's much more helpful to give pressurized oxygen earlier on the process to prevent people from having to go on a ventilator to in some ways the question venter's procurement which seem such a big issue at the start of his Christ is less important now I think. Pcp has turned out to be a bigger issue than people expected. I mean that is going to be returned because obviously as more and more become up they're going to be more public servants coming into contact with the public who are going to expect their employer. But he's essentially the government to provide them with that kit. Thank you James. Thank you Katie. And thank you.

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