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So you've got everything all the fingers in the pie can let me let me draw pictures for you as a scott james. I believe in the risen savior jesus christ and my belief in god permeates every aspect of my being. It permeates my role as a county. Commissioner it permeates my interactions with you with the kind people of weld county. It permeates who i am when your belief is greenhouse gas that becomes your church and it permeates everything that you do transportation department of public health air quality agriculture. We can see with the current administration that their church is greenhouse gas and it permeates every aspect of government. Yeah they worship at the altar of climate change and racism both of them very divisive very effective in gaining consummate power and control. And i might sound like i'm lapsing into her permanently. There isn't that the truth of it. With what i have seen what they're considering as part of the greenhouse gas rulemaking with transportation it is one hundred percent about control As we are having a conversation right now. I'm posting something in my personal whips website. Which is is scott. K james dot com. You can find scott. James dot com. I'm posting this document. That is being considered today By the the the transportation commission and it is a white papers. Fourteen page white paper pollution reduction planning for transportation. It's breathing update of of june of twenty twenty one and it details in fourteen. Page detail. exactly how they're going to control your life. It's no longer in my in my purview. The best government is the government. That's closest to home. Because because you and i can get together and we can we can chart our course and chart our future. Yes but the central planners like things in in central control in denver control because denver knows better how to rule counties life and does well county and so you see more and more the centralization of power inherently wrong absolutely yeah consummate power and control what's that adage Let's see power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think that's what we're seeing all this cry hue and cry for a climate justice. Eight thirteen now thirteen ten. Kfi join weld county. Commissioner scott james all right now let's flip the script and talk about something really cool the grand opening up the weld legacy trail on saturday. Yeah we're excited to the public's invited to join us on saturday at at nine. Am it's basically done to the software complex. You'll you'll find the the trail head there and and we're excited to open up a trail that basically provides connectivity from there around what used to be known and what is still does notice the hope stra pits which are are assumed to be some reclaimed. The gravel pits. That of course would be lakefront That are in along there and provides a unique connection over to the The same rate ponds on the other side of the interstate because we have Obviously of a pedestrian underpass there and and and it's just one of the things that we can do to provide transportation transportation and got that in my brain recreation activities and and as the colorado department of transportation they have it. It's called active transportation. Is you on your foot. It is that. I swear to god that active transportation and if you.

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