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Station talkradio six eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom president trump's appraising the united nations for a change on chris foster fox news the president on twitter writes about new economic sanctions against north korea over its weapons programme justcompleted called president moon of south korea very happy and impressed with fifteen two zero un vote on north korea's sanctions secretary of state rex tillerson says direct talks may be possible down the road gerd provocative action of our launching ballistic missiles forces stronger servers send us just stop off launchers that north korea in a statement says it will launch a thousands of fold revenge against the united states over the sanctions is it a big deal the grand juries are looking into russian election meddling and possible contact with the trump campaign will not necessarily says deputy attorney general rod rosen stein doesn't say anything about the likelihood of indictments because we conduct investigations and we make a determination at some point and of course the investigation about whether charges are appropriate and he tells fox news sunday host chris wallace any of our investigations chris involved the use of the grand jury it's appropriate way to gather documents sometimes you bring witnesses end to make sure that you get their full testimony it's just a tool that we use like any other tool in the course of our investigations and it was rosenstein who appointed special counsel robert muller in may to lead the russia investigation chicago mayor rahm emanuel says he's filing a federal lawsuit today against the trump administration over its plan to block grant money to sanctuary cities that do not cooperate with immigration authorities a justice department spokesman bruce bonds with all the murders in chicago it's tragic but the mayor is less concerned with that that he is spending time in taxpayer money protecting criminal aliens and putting chicago's law enforcement at greater risk tropical storm frank ones out over the caribbean national hurricane center says by wednesday it could become a hurricane and hit mexico fox news baron balance.

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