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The California report at five fifty one six fifty one and once more at eight fifty one on forum this morning with me, Kim recent report from the Kaiser family foundation found that the cost of prescription medication has increased more than one hundred full since nineteen sixty. We'll hear about that. That's in the first hour form. It's coming up this morning at nine o'clock. Support for NPR comes from Viking where travelers can sail past castles and cathedrals and wake up to a Newport, every day offering a small ship experience and assure excursion included in every port. More at Viking cruises dot com. Capterra for helping people find the right software for their business from applicant tracking to workflow software visitors can access more than eight hundred thousand software reviews and compare products. More at capterra dot com. Bill dot com, providing intelligent business payments and a p automating used by businesses and accounting firm. It syncs with QuickBooks to simplify hell, three million get and get paid and get paid more at Bill dot com. And the listeners of K QA. It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm Rachel Martin. And I'm David Greene. Their diet studies out this week and they add more evidence that when it comes to staying healthy. It may not be enough to just count. Those calories what you choose to eat really does matter. And Aubrey reports on what researchers learned when they tracked the diets and health of thousands of women over two decades when the women's health initiative study began back in the nineteen ninety s about twenty thousand women were put on a diet. They were told to cut back on fatty foods such as red meat and full fat, dairy, and they were told to add in more plant based foods, here, study, author Rowen abou- scheme of the Los Angeles biomedical research institute at harbor UCLA medical center, the we ask them women to eat more fruits vegetables, and grains, but also to reduce their total fat intake..

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