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We work with large employers all around the world and our our goal is to help them activate their employees to lead healthier lifestyles which had to kind of go around the healthcare system. A little bit and go direct to the employees and figure out ways to motivate rotate them to inspire them and to help them sustain behavior change over time and it's not just about healthcare cost reduction it really is about. How do we help? People be healthier happier and more Productive at work in their personal lives. So that's really what our mission is. That's beautiful and listeners. For those of you. who haven't connected the DOTS virgin pulse? It's one of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group companies. So you know with the gentlemen like that behind something like this and and Rajiv as part of the executive leadership team you you can imagine. Some great things are happening. It's an exciting time for us. We definitely are inspired by Sir. Richard Branson's leadership in his philosophy. Is If you take care of your employees. They'll take care curb your business and so we're trying to empower employers to take better care of their employees so strong and and you know it's really interesting that you guys are tackling this employer perspective of the entire health career equation because costs are soaring and Aside from labor costs it seems like healthcare cost is oftentimes double digits that front. What are your thoughts on? What should be on every medical leaders agenda today? Well I'm biased. But I think it has to be a behavior change too often looking for a magic pill or magic device or something to kind of stem the tide of rising obesity diabetes and heart disease as in our country and at the end of the day. There's so much we can do to actually change people's behavior a lot of what we're facing as a result of our diet our physical activity or lack thereof the stress is that we have in our lives. Just how we how we treat ourselves and how we don't take care of ourselves and so I think it's not necessarily a hot topic. I think it should be and and I wish there was more focus on it is the perennial that if we can change behavior we can prevent a lot of disease and we can produce significantly greater outcomes and Reggie what would you say right right now at at at Virgin pulse is an example of how you guys are improving. Health outcomes. Well I think we really tried to think. Outside of the box I think traditional health interventions inventions and health and wellbeing platforms have largely been ineffective. And they've been around for decades so we sat around and we said what if we took a different approach rather than making people people feel like. They're failures rather than telling them that they're sick. What if we actually make them feel successful? What if we make them feel good about themselves right off the bat? What would that do for self esteem for their motivation? And for the ability to change. Most of what we see in our industry is a heavy focus on screening and so employers asked their employees to take health risk assessments and do biometric screenings and so forth. And the problem with that is they take a health risk. Assessment tells them you're sick. You know you have high risk. Your unhealthy needs to do more change your lifestyle get your biometric screening results and you have high blood pressure..

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