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Two goals and you know listen gory has been brilliant as of late but tonight in that second period particular certainly would have liked that first goal bagging not much maybe that he could do on that redirected all from i go in any ready was three two after two periods of play corey comes up with a big save early in the third gears eichel in a left wing corner he has one of the gold site for buffalo they trailed three two two nine twenty to go in the third i go with it along the leftwing wall now moves to the circus lap has hit say by schneider pickets poached goal and we get a whistlestop pave way and maybe the devil's got a little lucky because the puk was loose but the whistle was blown and cory schneider able to keep this at three two two but it 940 sammy vaatainen was called for a slash powerplay for the buffalo sabres and it was jack eichel but then other big goal devils can't retrieve it though it's a wily to the bottom line paristolyon natto apoe so indeed goes across like what are they score h jack eichel with his second goal of the night a powerplay goal at we are tied at three yeah i goal with fifteen goals now on the season it so enrich the line and with the assists the goal at eleven o four and a breakdown thereby the devil's well you don't see the devil already team giving up the low slot seen pass from one side of the esta the other if you do you're going to give up a lot of goals and jack eichel he caught all of that i mean he was impressive tonight i wasn't sold on the guy 'cause i hadn't seen him that much but on his shot there that was that was the big league shot and he made the devil's pay yeah now leads buffalo in scoring with 35 points on fifteen goals and twenty assists but omitted seventeen later it looked like the devil's leading scorer had given the devil's the league more had lady here's a chance for a halt failure roll reeves justin vaughan and then berries in baghdad rahman water levels by now the wrong way was there.

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