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Minutes. Sunday morning, at 1218. No, you already had your turn, it's this guy's turn. Traffic and weather on the 8s Joe Fox is in the traffic center, and we're gonna take a turn over to Maryland two 70 northbound. Barret authorities again reporting all lanes are open, but the delays are still there. The local lanes are your best bet as you head northbound out of Bethesda towards Rockville. The crash was under falls road, and at one point all lanes were closed of the through lanes, the express lanes have always been unaffected. It took some time for the folks to clear up all the debris from multiple vehicles that were involved in this crash. So again, use caution if you're headed northbound and by far the express lanes are your best bet and your last chance to get over to them is right after montrose road. Once you get past that, you're in great shape all the way to Frederick, no problems up and over the hill and past the truck scales. Southbound two 70 earlier about 20, 30 minutes ago, we had a report of a mattress in the roadway on the left side right near Watkins, mill road seas caution maybe state of the right as your headed south out of clarksburg into Gaithersburg, but you should be otherwise moving okay. No other problems in Maryland, the beltway is looking good, 95, and VW park where moving well, we do have two way traffic on the westbound span of the bay bridge. Over in Virginia, 95 north we're still watching the car fire or the remains of it in the camera. Northbound 95 at the car rest area in Dale City, just after two 34 dumfries, taking up the left side of the main line, the express lanes for a time were closed. It is it will be signed if they are closed and you really don't need to take the express lane tonight, traffic is moving just fine on the main line. But don't be too surprised if you see a few extra flashing lights as you head northbound on 95 through Prince William county. No problems headed southbound on 95 all the way down to Fredericksburg and points beyond. 66 is moving well, the Virginia beltway looks good. No issues on the D.C. roadways are earlier structure fire at 9th and I is completely excuse me 7th and I is completely gone and our issues on two 95 have cleared some time ago. Looks like we might still be dealing with that crash heading up from rock creek Parkway towards Connecticut avenue on shore up drive. You'll just want to follow police direction to get around that. Joe Fox WTO traffic Storm team four is clay Anderson with this forecast halfway through the weekend. We continue to enjoy the holiday weather across our area as

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