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This is one a i'm joshua johnson in washington what does lightning sound like on saturn from the cassini spacecraft it sounds a bit like this her car her the past thirteen years cassini has orbited saturn probing its systems collecting data about the outer reaches of our solar system it's the kind of thing that has science lovers blissfully geeked out and the little emotional over the end of a landmark mission but if space science is kinda low on your list of priorities this mission this still definitely worth your time for one thing the qassimi hoig ines mission is a thirty year international collaboration between nasa the european space agency and the italian space agency it could also teach us more about life in our solar system and it comes to a spectacularly fiery end early tomorrow morning when the spacecraft barrels into saturn's atmosphere joining us here in studio to discuss cassini and its legacy is michelle solar and astronomer and deputy director for science communications at nasa goddard space flight center michelle welcome to what they agreed to be your thank you joining us from k p c c public radio in pasadena california is morgan cable a technologist at masses jet propulsion laboratory she is assistant project science systems manager ford the cassini mission morgan welcome.

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