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Dance together for that so he's GonNa talks looking good how taller? UK Love Moines. Oh Wow so imagine. NJIT and that's the same as him but seventeen real really. ooh What are you saying seventeen. You are very very smart tomorrow but he got a thirty six. I know he's better than I am. Okay Caleb if you ever come to Nashville let me know you can come up here and hang out on the show we thank you And because guys I would like to further his education assigned book of Mine Pat. I'm going to say because he's so smart. I WANNA help them. Tom Likes to read. Yeah I'M GONNA say Kay signed book. My my last book called fail until you don't know 'cause I'm proud of you man. You're thank you very much. Let me know because I think you have our producers number. Let me know when you finally get to prom. Okay I will let you Lauren. Elaine has she has she. Hey you okay see I like computing shot right now. Has she hit you up at all or is anyone anything. But I'm waiting. When is prom February fifteen? That's coming up quick. Listen speak for Lauren. Because Lorne and she is really one of my dearest friends. That's probably a little too quick for her. Hey look at Torah real quick. She has A. It's called that girl is me or something like that up and let me see if where she is at this time because Maybe she is on the road and we can just put it but you should also just going to be like no. I'm looking for what today February. Fifteen Kabiri fifteen. The day after Valentine's Day is there any. She's an up she is in spokane Washington. Oh man what a shame. Yeah what a shame. Well we can look. You're going to get a date. Okay yeah all right. But Hey everybody follow. Caleb Mala to tease Kayla Mala thirty two. And we'll talk to you sooner. I but all right bye-bye impeachment. I mean Holy Right. I'm haze Brown a reporter and editor at Buzzfeed News. Now I follow politics for a living. It's hard for me to keep up sometimes with all the news around around trump's impeachment and sort out what matters what's just noise that's why we teamed up with Iheartmedia to bring you impeachment today a daily podcast that helps. Let's make sense of this wild historical moment every day. I'm talking to Buzzfeed News. Reporters who've been following this story and the people involved for years in just ten to fifteen minutes Every weekday morning we catch you up on what happened figure out what it all means and give you the context you need understand w. t. f. is really going on right now. Listen subscribe to impeachment today on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen tomorrow around this time bear grylls will be on the show. Episode of running wild bear. Girls is tomorrow Marl night at ten nine central. Did you know bear was the youngest person to ever get to the top of Mount Everest now. what it is like. The summit was twenty-eight no he he summited it once and I'm not sure the story exactly from him but I was wearing the story of how you doing a jumping because he's a special like special services guy like British special forces a difference. Whatever he's he's awesome jumps out of an airplane Planas parachute doesn't open right and it only partially opens any notices? This is falling a little too fast. So he's trying to get out of it and it never fully opens any lands and his back into the sand well almost full speed with partial parachute and luckily he hit the the parachute on us back when he landed and he said he I thought he was dead but the nut terrifying. I was reading some of this stuff last night because I was going to talk about the show but I don't care to talk about me. I'd like to talk about him him and then also be like. Oh what's the show tonight. But I don't know where he is in the world but he's like he's like Oh God get to landline. Can I move back though he minutes. It anywhere you're right. Bear grylls is we talked. He's in some weird part of the world. So that'll be on tomorrow show. I was watching. This clip of family feud Canada. And so it's W- they go to the final round of this the speed around with our people up but they slap the connor honor and the question is about Popeye Popeye to say lamps. That guy. There's one question on the board. Whoever gets that right wins? And here's a clip named Popeye's Popeye's chicken Jerry. Aw Proud of herself. She's like nailed it. Yeah so she missed out on ten thousand dollars with that answer but Popeye's is because of video went so viral gave them two thousand dollars anyway. Like worth nothing. Oh is that it other than game. Cash they give them real child. Really No I. I don't know I thought it was like ten thousand dollars. I pop out and I just saw gives contest and ten thousand dollars worth of food. Yeah all at once. Popeye's on Friday offered her ten thousand dollars worth of Popeye's chicken and other items on their menu. Well they got way more than that. Advertising housing that's crazy Here's Amy's Club when we did. Celebrity family feud. Here's Amy Trying to Steve Harvey because what happened was amy didn't answer a question. Impasse enough here. You know you're looking at me. St She has to go back from whence you come in. What had happened was Brooklyn Decker? Who are our team was playing against the Roddick's in Brooklyn Decker answered and they went over to amy? Because you'd nothing in because she didn't get the number one answer says what what I thought they were going to say. Okay me now what we were looking at each other and having a moment and I thought that they were GonNa tell me. Okay okay now. What is your answer? But then the the Buzzer went. And I was like wait a minute i. Well you don't hear here is I hugged him and it didn't pick up thank goodness but I hugged him and I said you better make this right. Steve and then I went back to my station or or little or to table. Table and Bobby was so irritated with me which I would have been irritated with me too. I was so mad and I was like Golly hearing that back I forget about it shoot. That was on national. TV and that was all instinct of her due to she didn't have that plan. And that's just amy and the While let's IT conversation with Steve. Harvey is a randomly. We had rehearsal yesterday because Eddie and I are banned the raging idiots. We have a show that we're doing tonight in Nashville Bill at the Reimann Auditorium and what happened was many many years ago because Eddie had been on the road raising money for charity with our raging idiots. We said if we ever had a million dollars raised. We're I'M GONNA HAVE A BIG WE'RE GONNA call it the million dollar show and we're going to invite anybody that wants to show up. We know of any arts would show up the first year and so we go. We're playing like Dirk. Stanley comes by Carrie. Carrie underwood Chris Stapleton. It was really fun night to celebrate US making by the time we did the show two million dollars so we called it the million dollar show and now we're doing the fifth year of of it tonight and so we had rehearsal and usually at rehearsal. It's just our band. We're just rehearsing the songs and the artists will come in over the last couple of years more and more does have have cut decided to come by because things kind of become legitimate and we're also recording a radio special tonight to air nationally to raise money for Saint Judas well so And we're we're practicing and I guess Bright Young Laney Wilson and he'd Sanders new artists. went some other artists of the surprise Zack's tonight but so Ronnie Dunn by Sing Down The songs with us. We're we're just a rehearsal. Room is literally looking like inside of a garage not fancy just just some speakers on the ground and here is us. And I'm next Ronnie. We're playing guitar and singing the Amoun Russell.

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